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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I believe in HOPE.
HOPE is the one thing that has always given me HOPE!

Many, many years ago, in the depths of the deepest despair of my young life.....a family friend bent down to me---as I cried on my aunt's couch---she whispered into my ear---  

At the time, I didn't realize it was an Italian Proverb.
Now that I do, I'm not surprised.
Italians brought us pasta and meatballs too.
And, wine.
Proving they know a thing or two about life.  

While there's life, there's hope.....

Those words have never left my side. 
They have carried me through every aspect of life--from the big things to the little things.
Over the years, as I've experienced the ups and downs and highs and the lows and the laughter and the tears,  that one phrase has grown in meaning. 
I have shared the sentiment with friends and family and have hopefully given my children the gift of HOPE. 

Among all the wonderful things I credit my Lapband with, I think the most important thing that it has given me is HOPE.
Real HOPE in something that would work for me.    
As my weight spiraled out of control  for all those years, I always believed that someday, someway, I would not be a fat woman forever.
So, I took every chance I could---placing my HOPE in diets and doctors and pills and gyms and every weight loss program and plan on the planet.
I never gave up HOPE.  
Sure, there were moments when I felt defeated and worn out and just plain exasperated from the search for thinness.  But, just when I found myself doing the dance of defeat, my HOPE never let me completely fall into the grips of believing that I would always be fat.  
HOPE picked me up and shook me off and pushed me back out there!
Sure, sometimes I picked some real dud diets that didn't serve me well.
Other times, I just fell flat on my fat face.
Sometimes I felt my HOPE was ill placed.
And, yes, there were many many times that I had to admit that HOPE wasn't going to save me from my bulging belly.
But, when this commercial came on TV, my HOPE soared. 
Disclaimer: this is not the commercial I on link above

The HOPE that commerical gave me carried me through the 8 months of getting ready and the 4 years and 8 months since then.
And, it's proven me to be right.....I will not be a fat woman forever.  

Now, as I toil with a few extra pounds, I am being challenged to muster up all that HOPE again.
As I fight with a few zippers on a few pair of Spring pants, I'm being reminded that I must place my HOPE and all that goes with it into my Lap band.  
I have been given these gifts. 
I cannot surrender to the nightly raids on those adorable little chocolate Easter eggs.
I cannot surrender to the next pants size.
I cannot surrender to these pounds.

I  cannot surrender my HOPE!



Chris said...

Never surrender! (gah, I feel like Tim what's his face in that spoof space movie! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER!)

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...