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Monday, April 23, 2012

April snow brings......

white knuckles!!!!!!
  (and it has nothing to do with my spray tan!)

Over the past month or so, my son has been traveling quite a bit presenting papers and doing what  almost-Phd's do.
He's bounced in and out to town for quick layovers, to catch his breath, pick up some incidentals and maybe do some laundry.
Late last week, fresh from a trip to Chicago--where he got to spend a wonderful day site seeing and exploring famous breweries and restaurants with his cousin Alexa who had just happened to be in Chicago on a job hunting trip-- he landed in Pittsburgh for an alumni event at this undergrad University that was happening this  past weekend.
When his fun weekend with old buddies wrapped up, he stopped home on Sunday night to have a good meal and to rest up for what lies ahead in his long and tenuous academic journey.
He was planning to leave early this morning so that he could arrive in PhDland in time for some meetings that he had later today.
We were looking forward to having him home---even it was just for a snippet of time.  

He got to watch the Penguins lose a heartbreaking game with his father (at least they were together!) while I headed over to the Country Club for a family wedding shower.   
Prior to his arrival, I cooked up a storm and Carmen and I cleared our Sunday evening schedules to just hang out with him.  The plan was to eat, chat and watch some TV together.  
 What we hadn't planned on doing was keeping a close eye on the weather.....
A winter storm advisory was issued.......yes, you heard me right.....a WINTER STORM ADVISORY....
Knowing that much of his trip back to PhDland included mountains that were directly in the snowbelt, an April storm that was predicting lots of snow and rain and ice didn't sound too safe.
I was determined not to be a nervous and out of control mother.
I April snowstorm?
But, I couldn't help but worry about the impending doom.
So, I checked the forecast every few moments--going back and forth between channels....looking for different information.
Long after both Carmen and Vince had went  to bed, I kept an eye on the TV, nodding off once in awhile. 
Every hour or so, I'd bounce up to check outside to see if the storm had arrived.....
By 5:30 am, there was not a snow flake in sight.
I was completely exhausted and not ready to take on a Monday.  

Snow did not arrive in Judiland this morning.
But, the mountains that stood between our house and where my son was going were covered.
And, the snow was relentless.
My son's path to PhDland was all the talk of the TV stations.
My morning plans were solidified.
I would be worrying and praying and hoping and worrying and praying and hoping some more.
The hours felt like centuries.
Until I got the call......"Mom, I'm safe."

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Anonymous said...

Long time reader. First time commentor. I have sons 21&23.
I've had many a sleepless night waiting for the "I'm home safe Mom, love you" texts. Glad he's safe.
Tray from Nevada I'm working on getting a profile but I need my boys home to help. I'm 50 and not techi, but not anonymous.