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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it the Spring Chicken Flu?

This morning, I have a major case of blogblock.  
My brain is not quite functioning yet.  
I'm feeling a bit fogy, a tad woozy and just a wee bit outtawhack. 
Instead of  bitching about my state of disrepair, I figured I'd just ask for you to indulge me for a few moments.......
I'm sharing pictures from a lovely day we spent with some really sweet Spring Chickens..... Toni and her Sorority sisters at their Parents' luncheon this past weekend.   
We went with two other sets of parents--all good friends of ours who we met many years ago when our girls danced at the same studio.  They are now at the same college, in the same sorority.  
It couldn't have been a nicer way to spend a sunny Saturday!!!  

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