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Monday, April 16, 2012

God laughs at those who make plans!

And, HE had a rip-roaring time with ours!
Thankfully, we've had 30 years of practice with the comedy that is our life!  

This coming Tuesday is our 30th Anniversary.  So, knowing that Carmen was doing a death-defying work schedule for a month or so, we decided to play it safe and not plan anything too big.  Originally, we had talked about a trip to Napa or an exotic island or maybe even a cruise.  But, with things the way they were, we opted to lay low and just put our plans on the back burner for a know....let them simmer until the time was right.   However, as we got closer, we decided we would figure out a way to celebrate a little closer to home--fitting everything in between Carmen's work schedule and my responsibilities. 
With a little wiggling and tweaking, we managed to eek out a weekend that worked well on all fronts. 
That was until things got a little twisted up with Carmen's work schedule.
But, we figured we'd just work around it.
So, at the last minute, we readjusted and rescheduled a few things.
Then, Carmen came down with a rip-roaring bout of some kind of flu bug.
Even that didn't deter us.....we made the best of it. 
While he drugged up and slept it off--I went shopping at some upscale consignment shops unearthing amazing deals.  Love. Love. Love.
The drugs and the sleep managed to make him feel a little more human but our plans took another turn.....
His work it always does.......this time throwing our dinner plans off.
So, I did what any woman would do when a night out that she was so looking forward to goes awry--I got a spray tan, a manicure and did a little more shopping.
By then, his flu bug was raging.
I had no intention of letting work and sickness rob me of a weekend that I had been soooo looking forward to.
So, as he dealt with his illness and his cell phone and his computer,  I ventured out to a gourmet market to pick up a few ingredients, made a stop at a specialty cheese shop for some great cheeses and then stopped off at the wine store to stock up.
Then, I  headed home to my very own kitchen to  whip up an anniversary dinner to end all anniversary dinners.
Sometimes I am happiest in my own kitchen. 
I texted my husband of almost 30 years and told him to come home and be prepared to make me a Henricks Martini. 
In his sickly state, the poor man could not argue. 
He drove the roads back to his own home and made me that martini.  Yummy!
No, it wasn't the amazing little place we figured we would be hanging out.
 But, it was probably where he needed to be.
 I got my martini and we had a great meal with some spectacular wine.....then he passed out. 
I drank wine and watched the mediocre movie Horrible my very sick and very tired husband of almost 30 years snored away in his recliner.  
All of that led me to a Sunday that couldn't have even been planned.......
Flowers. Massages.  Pedicure.  A trip to a jewelry store.  And, a lakeside lunch at a lovely little place near our house.

Life doesn't always turn out the way we think it will.....just like our marriage.
But, I can proudly say that we've been blessed with the ability to make the best of it.
It takes awhile to figure that out.
We've had 30 years experience doing just that.....


Chris said...

Aw, happy 30th! Our 23rd is on Sunday, and we have no plans at all!

Hope the big C is feeling better soon :)

Barbara said...

Wonderful Post..Happy Anniversary.. you are very lucky... I was married 31 not quite 32 years.. I cherished every moment!!

Jody V said...

Happy Anniversary! We will be married 25 years on May 16th. This was a great post!