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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What kind of woman makes a doctor's appointment the week after the holidays?

Especially an appointment when WEIGHING YOU is a primary activity?

Answer: A lapbanded woman

This morning, I have my 3.5 year Lapband appointment.
When I made the appointment back in August, I remember the receptionist saying "it will be here before you know it"
She was right!
It's here.....January 4, 2011 has arrived.
I had a slight twinge of concern when she told me the exact date.
That is the week right after the holidays! I thought, panicking a bit.
Another moment of my fat-dieting girl behavior creeping in.
You see, I never made doctor appointments immediately following holidays or vacations.
Because I didn't want to face THE SCALE after those major eatathons.
I needed time to get the extra weight off before I went to the doctor.
Even if I never got the extra weight off.
You see, I figured that I had just enjoyed the holidays or a vacation--why ruin that feeling by stepping on the scale and coming face-to-face with the damage all that enjoyment did?
As if enjoyment and overeating went hand-in-hand.
Which, I will admit--to some degree--it does.

I am here to tell you that yes, I did indulge a bit during the holidays.
My Lapband kept most things in check.
But, did I eat one too many cheesecake bites? Yes.
Did I have one too many glasses of wine? Yes.
Did I have a few extra martinis? Yes.
Did I develop a passionate relationship with Trader Joe's Cranberry Oatmeal dunkers? Yes.
Did I sip a few extra hot chocolates with Franjelica? Yes.
Did I eat candy and chips and dips and cheeses and ice cream and cake? Yes. Yes. And. Yes.

Am I still going to my Lapband appointment? YES.


Joanne said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Does your son live anywhere in the NYC area by any chance??

Congrats on sticking to your appointment even in the wake of hte holidays! I am always telling myself that I should wait until the day after the day after the holidays to weigh in...some weird psychological thing. Let us know how it goes!

Sam said...

So this is what it is like to be anormal person :o) enjoy the holidays and not worry about what scalesays after it is all over? Can't wait for that time in my life :o) Congrats!!

Lee Ann said...

Judi, I went on the 3rd! I go to the office at Magee. Do you go there? If so can you tell me who your surgeon is? My email is I just had my sixth and final weigh in on Monday and my paperwork is going to be submitted to insurance this week. Dr. Ramanathan will be my surgeon (hopefully!).