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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blame it all on my roots.......

I had sushi and sangria while wearing my boots and aided in that black and gold affair....

While the rest of SteelerNation were sitting on cold bleachers, in their favorite chairs or perched on beergarten stools, I bellied up to the sushi bar---where the sushi was raw, the entertainment was interesting and the peach saki sangria was flavorful.
There were no crowds, no bellowing horns or painted faces.
Just a big screen TV front and center, Toni, my sister and I, 4 sushi chefs and a bartender (who cheered in Vietnamese).
It was a night of Steelers, sushi and sangria.
Who could ask for anything more?

Steeler fans are a funny breed.
Pittsburghers are very set in their ways when it comes to their sports teams.
Apparently, my night of sushi eating and sangria drinking at a local Habachi grille had a hand in our team making it to championship game.
As a matter of fact--what I fed my father yesterday had something to do with it as well.
In fact--even the underwear I had on were responsible for the win.
Where I sat, what I said, who I said it to and how I said it all contributed to the fact that the Steelers are on the road to the Super Bowl.
I've heard of a good pair of shoes getting you laid.
But, wearing my black Aigner boots, hanging out with a few sushi chefs and eating Alaskan salmon roll while throwing back fruity drinks was so powerful and so influential in the win that I'm being instructed to return next week to insure another win?

GO STEELERS!'s back to college day.
I'm just a little bit sad.
The snow is falling.
I broke a nail.
Where's a peach saki sangria when you need it?

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Bonnie said...

I wish I could say I'm happy for you, but the Steelers beat my team out and I'm still bitter. We came out strong, but just couldn't keep up the momentum, which has been our problem all season. I think we lost because we invited my uncle to the football party. :)