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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've given in....

to football.

To be more precise--I've given in to the Steelers.
Yes, friends, I didn't stomp my feet or take a hissy fit when my birthday weekend trip was sidelined because of a championship game.
I didn't cry or whine or moan or play the martyr when I found out that the NFL chose my birthday to play their big championship game here in Pittsburgh.
I get it....January 23rd is a special day. Made for champions.
And, I didn't throw shoes or set my hair on fire when the plans that have been in place for a few months--that I was so looking forward to--were tossed aside for a football game.
I didn't wish bad luck on the Steelers when they won and I didn't get all bent out of shape when the Patriots lost--thus putting the game right here in my backyard.
No, I took it all in stride.
Because I'm mature.
So, come Sunday, I will donn my black and gold and be a patient birthday girl.
Yes, and I might even join in the hooting and the hollering and make a few appetizers.
I won't paint my face but I might shake up a few Steelertinis.
Because now I am owed not just a great gift--but a super great gift-- and an even better birthday trip as a thank you for my willingness to give in to football.

By the time you're 52, a girl knows how to work the system.


Lee Ann said...

you make me laugh Judi. i like you, you know that?! well let's hope the 'Stiller's' win so the mood in the city on your birthday is jubilant---as it should be!

Darlin1 said...

Party On!!! and