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Thursday, April 16, 2009

When eating is no longer an event........

.....a fact of life we have to get used to......

I'm pretty sure I am living my fantasy---I'm not living for the next meal, the next visit to a favorite restaurant or thinking about what I'm going to devour next. It's almost as if food is now just part of cooking or part of a conversation. It's not all about me and eating. It's about me and the non-eating part of food.

Is this heaven?!!!!!

But, you know, right now I feel a little badly about my food-is-not-life attitude. You see, tomorrow is Carmen's and my wedding anniversary. And, what do you do on your anniversary? You start by going to dinner. At least that's what we've been doing for the past 27 years. So, what's the problem? Carmen wants me to be part of the decision of where to go. And, honestly, I do not care. At all. For the past 26 anniversary dinners--I did care. A lot. Right now--as far as I am concerned--if they have wine and can make a good martini, I'm happy. He's all about the restaurant and the food and the wine list and the service and everything that goes along with dining. He can very picky. Getting used to the I-really-don't-give-a-shit-where-we-eat girl that I've become is not going over too well with him. He really wants me to care. He's so used to me being completely immersed in the planning of a celebratory dinner that he's actually offended that I'm not. In fact, he is used to me being demanding when it comes to where we celebrate special occasions. That's what he still wants. He wants that girl back. I am no longer her and I don't want her back. It's becoming a problem.
Maybe I should just fake it.
Perhaps after 27 years, we're at that point in our marriage where we've went our separate ways---when it comes to dining. We are no longer in sync in our dining lives.
Maybe I should suggest we just skip dinner and get on to the rest of the anniversary celebration.....
No, I'm thinking that after 27 years of marriage....he wants dinner...


Anonymous said...

ahh Judy you are funny!! my husband would skip a meal anytime for the "other" part of the anniversary celebration...if you get my drift!! so in my household, it is the opposite...I am all about going out to dinner (cuz I hate to cook) and my husband could care less, lol.
So I say, Fake it and make him happy....BTW, we are almost married 19 years.
Congrats on your anniversary!!!

Jill from NY

p.s. what happend to your puke blog story? did you delete it? lol...that totally turned me off to getting a lapband, but thank God I dont qualify for one anyway.

Jody V said...

Hey Judi -

It sure is rough to manage our changing LapBanded lives with those that are not. I wish you and Carmen a very happy anniversary! I will be sending many of my hormones your way!! Frank is a bit weary these days ;).


Gerry said...

You should go to the CLO Cabaret (Food Drink Music Theater).

They don't serve big portions and I heard "My Way" A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra is really good! It's a nice compromise.



Sonya said...

Good luck with the dinner. Maybe if you cannot pick it for the food, pick it for the atmosphere and a place that lends to your good conversation, and a couple of drinks which can then lead to "the rest of the evening". lol
Have fun regardless.