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Thursday, April 2, 2009

More to Love?

Have you heard about this new FOX reality show?

Here's what FOX is saying...

Average Joes and Janes will get to pursue their shot at love with the launch of the new dating-competition series developed by FOX called “More to Love.”
The show has been billed as a dating show “for the rest of us,” and will feature overweight contestants.
FOX will be teaming up with producer Mike Fleiss (known for his work on "The Bachelor"). The show will feature a group of women competing for the love of one man, whom producers describe as a Kevin James-type (James was the star of “The King of Queens.”)
"For six years it's been skinny-minis and good-looking bachelors, and that's not what the dating world looks like," Fox president of alternative Mike Darnell said. "Why don't real women — the women who watch these shows, for the most part — have a chance to find love too?"
Darnell says the producers were inspired by the success of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” which he says shattered the industry assumption that viewers are only interested in highly attractive people.

Well, it had to happen friends! Average Joes and Janes--who evidently have weight problems--have now been deemed worthy of a dating show. Is it good? Is it bad? Oh, who the hell knows. I have to wonder what they consider to be overweight? I guess I'll have to tune in and find out...
But, there's a few things that bother me. First of all...did you notice that they consider all "normal looking" or average Janes and Joes to be overweight? That's what they it again if you don't believe me. This leads me to ask if the only way to be above average in looks is to be thin? Or, more interestingly---they equate attractiveness to weight and then they put it back on what the real world looks like. Which, if you think about it puts everything back on to weight. Is this the message they are promoting? And, if so--what is it saying to everyone out in the world?
Okay, okay, I know, my rationale seems pretty convoluted here. The problem that I'm having is that this has touched something so deep in my soul that I'm really having a rough time even figuring out myself as to exactly why I'm so horrified by it.
So, to be more precise--let me say this--reality TV has just went too far. Putting the whole notion of gee you are average looking and overweight to boot so let's get you together with others of your same quality doesn't feel good to me. Perhaps it shouldn't feel good. Maybe that's not what this is all about. But, I'm guessing that they somehow want to promote the feel food quotient by luring viewers into applauding the fact that two average overweight people have found each other---awwwwww. Because God knows they couldn't find someone on their own....because after all, they are overweight! Am I the only one who knows it feels uncomfortable from a philosophical standpoint but can't quite put my finger on what is so uncomfortable....but I just know it is?

And, there's something I'm so curious about---I'd love to hear the conversation that took place between the two developers/producers when they came up with the show-- Hey let's try to get a few fatties together....

Or, am I just looking at this all wrong? Maybe I just need to chill....


The Universe said...

When you visualize a great dream of yours coming true, Judi, what do
you imagine?

Do you see yourself jumping up and down, doing the happy dance, looking to
the sky, and shrieking, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"? Can you feel
the skin on your face stretch as you smile from ear to ear, or the palm of
your hands sting as you slap more high-fives? Can you feel the phone in your
hand as you dial your best friends?

Yeah, I think you should.

"Very should,"
The Universe

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

What do you expect from FOX?

Awe, how nice a bunch of fat ugly people can find love on our show and people will thank us and think we are great.

Myself, other than the last two shows of American Idol each season, that's about the extent of my reality show tv watching. I was somewhere once where they had the bachelor or something on and I thought "If that was my daughter or son, I would drag them off there by their hair"

Jody V said...

Holy shit...I think it's absolutely horrifying that they are doing this show! What the hell, they might as well call it "Fatties Need Love Too"!! What a message to send out huh???

Frustrating...very frustrating..


Irishembi said...

I just had a good laugh at your typo that read "promote the feel FOOD quotient." I suspect that should read "feel GOOD quotient".

But I like it your way better. :-)

The whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. I dislike most of the "reality" shows as there's little to no "reality" in them. Somehow I guess they think putting "fat" people on it will give it more "reality"?

I'll stick to my "Freak Shows" (as my hubby calls my medical oddity shows like The Tree Man and Mermaid Girl) on TLC. At least those people really are REAL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Judi, I wanted to e-mail you but can't find were on your blog. Got something to tell ya....

:-) Lucy