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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's love... got to to do.... with it? Sing it with me!

As I sit here on the last day of April, bidding another month that went too fast goodbye, I'm thinking about Love. Not in the hearts and flowers or razzle-dazzle kind of way but in a simple, quiet and no frills kind of way. The way in which we witness love every single day, how we watch love unfold around us and how we just feel it.

Kinda deep, huh?

Maybe it's me but I don't think about love in it's pure sense very much. Sure, I know I am loved and I know that I give love. And, I've said some version of "I love you" many times over. And, I recognize that sometimes love can be disguised in another's question or concern or interest. But, sometimes I need a 2-by-4 to hit me over the head to stop and see the love.

Sometimes that 2-by-4 comes at the most unexpected times. Like in a hospital room while visiting a beloved 87 year old aunt who's still worried about her hair as her once successful business man husband sits by her side trying to make some sense of how they got to be where they are. Or, sometimes it comes while walking down a corridor of that same hospital watching another beloved aunt walking towards you--steadying her 92 years with her cane. And, sometimes it comes when you're pulling away from the high school after dropping your daughter off--as you you've done a million times before--and you peak in the rear view mirror just to catch a glimpse of her greeting a friend. The simple and ordinary moments that speak of love. That powerful gust of love that speaks in words and actions and silence. It's all around us.

So, as you say good-bye to's hoping my blog entry today was your 2-by-4.

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Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Yes, my 2 x 4 moments was this morning when I dropped our oldest off at the airport. She's flying into Austin, TX, meeting with the college administrators, admissions, nursing instructors, etc. and finalizing her "transfer."

Love is letting go. Even when she waved back at me with a smile and those big blue eyes, I still saw "my little baby Lindsay" and my heart ached. She's just fine without me. I did my job, I guess.

Love is growing older, letting go and just loving where we are in the present.