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Friday, March 14, 2008

Parade-ing and Rockin'..........

That's what I'll be doing tomorrow. So, for those of you who are headed's the same old, same old......Saloon for Kegs and Eggs, River City for parade hoopla with all of my once-a-year best friends, Smithfield Cafe for Guaranteed Irish. And comes the change up.......Mellon Arena for Bon Jovi. Yeah, he's Italian. But, he's cute enough to be Irish.

So.....look for me. I'll be the Lapbanded girl with the green hair!!!! Hope to see you there!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Parade !!!
Please parade with care!


Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

Hi Miss Irish Eyes! The bluest eyes I've ever seen!!!!!!!
Who is this freak Kalar leaving a note? Can't wait to see you tomorrow sweetie! Are you wearing a green bikini with that green hair? Of all the people I see at the Parade you are the one I look forward to seeing the most. A St. Pat's Day parade is not a St. Pat's Day parade without Judicarr!!!!!

KATIE said...

BON JOVI? It just sunk in. No night cap after the parade at the Saloon? What will I do without you? This is a catastrophe!
Holy Mother of God Girl! The Saloon might have to file for Bankruptcy if you don't show up at night!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Judi,
Great to see you and your gang at the parade. St. Pat's Day parade day is not complete without a Judi siting! You look mahvalous darling, simply mahvalous. We have to hook up more often girl!
Happy St. Pat's Day!