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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No stories from the road today...........


Anonymous said...

We missed you last night sweetie! It is just not the same without you. Feel beeter quick!
We love you JudiCarr!
The "EENS"

Anonymous said...

K just told me the bad news that you are so sick. I cannot believe it. I hope I didn't curse you the other nite when I told you how amazing you looked (the best ever!). You did look incredible!
p.s. love your blog. thanks for introducing me to it

MariB said...

Hi Judi,
I really miss having a new post from you and hearing all about what you did at the parade and about your green hair. I did not see you on the news and I thought I would! Did all the green beer make you so sick? You are a lightweight now that you lost weight! Hope you feel better soon so you can come back and entertain and inform us!
Get well!

Anonymous said...

Hey all Judi blog readers,

I talked to Judi today after I saw her "QUIET SICK" posting. Oh man! What a sick chick she is! Our conversation only lasted a few minutes! You know she is not well at all!! I said I would post a comment here to let everyone know she might not be blogging for a few days. I asked if she had anything to tell her readers and she said "I'm on drugs, don't worry." Her sense of humor is still healthy!

From another Judi blog fan,

BigBandedBob said...

Thank you to Jen for insider.
Hey sick baby,
Sorry to see that you are sick with this thing that is going round.
Came by to announce my first plastics date. April 9. Air flips! A bad virus has hit our place in a bad way. More people out than ever. With plastics only 2 weeks away I have to stay unaffected. No tonguing with you no more go it? If you want pics please send me your email address.
Get better soon doll!

Babs said...

Hi Judi,
Sorry to hear you are ill. We all had that thing here last month. It must have made it to PA! Good riddens!
61 pounds! Wonderful! You continue to be an inspiration and a friend on my own journey. I always think WWJD? I wish we lived closer so we could meet and chat! I am still a "secret lapbander" in my world!

Also: for Judi & anyone who reads this who knows my mom, Vicci~~ I want to tell you that she is okay. It is hard for her but she is strong. She misses him so. We all hope to see her return to the things she enjoys doing(like your women's creative group). It may be awhile but she will soon find her way back.
Thanks Judi. I didn't mean to take up space on YOUR blog to talk to your readers LOL!!!!
Be well and God Bless you dear Judi.

Anna from Butler said...

Out of my lurking mode to say sorry to know you are not feeling well!!!
I work with Mari Beth and she was reading your blog everyday and then I got hooked too! I am not a lapbander but I am a dieter from way baaack! You really should get published!
Hope you feel better soon Judi so you can bring us smiles!

Anonymous said...

Hey Judi girl, hope you feel better soon, Miss you here and cs board. Take care Lucy

Daffodil Hill said...

So sorry you are sick, Judi! Hope you are feeling like your perky self again real soon. {{hugs}}

Papparazzi Jen said...

Hi there! It's Jen here on the Judi beat! Liked posting the scoop so much so that I gave her a call today to get the dirt. She sounds alive but still droopy. She claims she is watching lots of FoodTV but not getting hungry. And,she was talking bathing suits with me! Did she have too many drugs or not enough?????????????? Stuck my perverbial microphone in her face and asked "what do you have to say to your fans?", she said "tell them I haven't bought any Easter candy". Weird. Wowseer! She either needs more or less drugs. We just want her to start talking some sense!

Thanks for humoring me! Hoping Judi can blog for herself tomorrow so that I don't have to worry about her dragging me into court in case I scared away any fans or ruined her reputation!


Elizablitzzz said...

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Karen said...

Judi dear,

You asked for QUIET! The natives are getting restless. Please come back soon. There is too much chatter here and none of it is yours! I came out of my quiet corner to say


lapdancergirl said...

Thanks to your friend Jen for keeping up to date on your recovery. Hopefully, it is nothing too serious. Miss you honey!

Anonymous said...

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