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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Struggling makes me more popular! Right?

 I gained a few pounds.

Does my admission give my blog a bit more relevance?
Does it up the excitement quotient of my life for you?
Will  my challenge increase my readership?
Will it pull me out of the blog doldrums?
A certain lurker seems to think so. 

There's no denying that after four years of blogging about my Lap Band, sometimes it's a bit of struggle to find something new to say.  How many times can I say....I love my Lap Band??
A while back, I made peace with the fact that my blog was not a commercial entity, it was not going to be the end-all, be-all in anyone's day and that it might just get stale.  I acknowledged to myself that it was enough for me that it  is something that I enjoyed doing, it keeps me focused on my Lap band and it also fed my interest in having a regular forum where I could  write and at least have a few people read along and comment every so often.  Yes, I figured it was enough for me.  After all, if anyone who was new to their  Lap band journey really wanted to see my path--my archives were there for them to peruse.  Plus, with all the wonderful and successful Lap Band bloggers out there---I was confident everyone could find a place to land.   Yes, it was enough for me.
Sort of.
I'm pretty sure I could have lived with the thought that my blog's heyday was a thing of the past as long as I had a few folks who continued to stay connected---if for no other reason than reading it was a daily habit for them.  
Until last night.
A sometimes-blog-reader/lurker and I had a quick online chat about something unrelated to my blog.
During the course of that quick conversation--the sometimes-reader/lurker mentioned something about my lack of staying on course with my blog.....that I was just talking and that I had gotten away from the original purpose of my blog.  
That stung....
Although I didn't tell the sometimes-blog-reader/lurker that I had been struggling with it all for a bit, it was evident.  Even though I didn't like the tone of  the comment that I had been just talking (I, for one, would have never said it THAT way!), I respect this sometimes-blog-reader/lurkers opinion very much.  So, I asked "what do you think I need to do?"
The response was something I hadn't thought much about......
"Rather than providing insight into struggles, you are just ranting about your life, which probably to most people isn't that interesting.  Your original intent was about a struggle.  A challenge.  That's why people read it.  They felt connected to it.  You need a struggle. 
People need a reason to read your blog! You have to get back to the struggle!"

Alrighty then, bring on the struggle!   
I guess these holiday pounds came at the right time.....

Please come back and bring your friends......



Grandma Bonnie said...

Oh Judy,
That person is full of it. I am sorry I do not comment more often, I love your stories. Just knowing you were and are succesfull with the band is enough for me. I read you everyday, first thing.
I also have a band and have been succesful. Love my band. I don't blog but am a faithful reader. Perhaps more of us "lurkers" should give you more positive feedback. I will.

Lyla said...

We're all "just talking", and it is hard, when you're not losing every week and you're at-goal or close to goal, to find fresh things to say to people EAGER to hear about the band.

Talk about what you need or want to talk about, and if this blog isn't serving YOU in some way, then there's no reason to do it.

Lap Band Groupie said...

I'm always here with you reading GF!!! And it's natural that we start talking about other things during maintenance (and I love hearing about your life...I feel like I already know your Dad, you family).

Oh, and I'm right there with you on the pounds...up 4 here!

PS Love the dance in the aisle! ((hugs))

Rhonda said...

Well, that's a horrible thing to tell someone. :/

I, for one, am glad to see people talking about something other than recommitting.

Talk on, woman!