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Sunday, January 8, 2012

And, on the 8th day.......

I have decided to be a Domestic Diva.  
Last night, I was  Wine Diva.   

We had a lovely wine drenched dinner with lovely wine-lovin' friends at a lovely little bring- your-own-wine restaurant.
Yes, it was lovely.
They make an amazing rendition of zucchini rollatini. 
I'm telling you, the stuff is to die for......

 As for today......the wine is gone (although it did leave behind a little wine headache).
But, there's a hefty portion of my zucchini rollatini in the fridge.  Thank you Lapband!
There's lots of work to be done around here--from yard work to laundry to all those other fun housekeeping things that took a back seat to all the hoopla and merry-making of the past  6 weeks.
It's not that I didn't do those things.....I just did them haphazardly and with different intent.  For instance, in December if I was doing laundry--it was probably at 2 am and I was also wrapping presents and making an appetizer to take to a party.  If I said I was doing yard work in December--that meant that I was putting Santa Clauses on the porch and trying to get the spotlight to shine perfectly on my red sleigh.
I was more of a  Santa's Helper Diva instead of a true Domestic Diva...wearing my leopard trimmed Santa hat.  
Now,  it's back to real life---where towels need washed because we are out of them and bathrooms need scrubbed  because....well.....they need scrubbed.  The leopard trimmed hat is safely packed away with all of my holiday wear until next year and I'm done with the business of making Judiland merry. 
I know....doesn't sound so glamorous or fun....does it?

Well, just so I feel like a true Domestic Diva and to add a little glamor to the thankless drudgery of housework--I have put on my fancy apron, I'm making a huge pot of Italian wedding soup with ricotta dumplings while the washer and dryer is going.....wearing lipstick.  
Some things just need to be done. 


Jacquie said...

Mmm... Would love your soup recipe!

Jody V said...

I would also love that soup recipe!! It would be a welcomed addition to all the others I have from you ;-)