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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fatdoom dreams.....

When I woke up this morning, I didn't give much thought to the fact that it was Friday the 13th.
I was just thankful that it was FRIDAY.
Somewhere between throwing water on my face and running down the steps to put the kettle on for tea, the dream that I had came rushing back to me.....
All of a sudden, I recalled the feeling that I had in my dream....that old familiar feeling.....of  fatdoom.
What is fatdoom and why did I feel fatdoom?
Fatdoom is that feeling that weight is creeping on and you have no control.  
 And, in my dream, I was standing on a scale that registered 152. 
No! No! No! 
Of course, 152 is by no means FAT.
But, for a girl who has fought her way past 200, past 190, past 180, past 170, past 160, past 150 and wrestles between 135 and 142, 152 means fatdoom.  
Rational?  Who in the hell cares.  It's just what it means to me.  

Now, in my family, the fact that I had a specific number appear in my dream means that I should rush out and play that number because it was sure to hit. 
But, despite my family's history with THE NUMBERS,  I have never subscribed to that type of thinking.
Carmen, being the engineer that he is, tells me that there's no mathematical or logical correlation between numbers that you dream or numbers that appear to you or numbers that are associated with dreams and the actual number that hits on the lottery (or anyplace else for that matter).   I believe him.  Since I know nothing about logic and mathematical stuff and he's the master of it all.  
And, anyway, I've never been one for playing numbers or lotteries....unless someone comes and collects my dollar from me and tells me I am joining in on we do every so often at the office. 

Having said all of that, I still believe there is something to be said for what we dream.
Toni is always talking about her dreams and what they mean and how they relate to what is going on in her life.
For some reason, my daughter has a lot of dreams about teeth....
I have had a reoccurring dream for many, many years---that I am in one place but am also supposed to be in another.  In  high school and college, I would dream that I am in a class but while there I would remember that I was also supposed to be at work or in another class.  As the years went on, I would continue to have that dream about work or picking up the kids or attending a meeting, or going to a school function when I was also scheduled to be another place. 
There was always a lot of panic in those dreams.  
Even to this day, every so often, I have that dream.  
I always figured that it correlated well to my life....for many reasons.
So, I never bothered to investigate it's true meaning. 
I was sure I had it all figured out. 
So, as I waited to the kettle for tea to whistle, I thought about my dream....that I weighed 152. 
I figured it was probably a result of the few pounds that I've gained over the holidays and my fixation on that. Or, my fear that those few pounds would morph into a few more and then there I am.....250 pounds again. Or, perhaps it had something to do with my blog post yesterday. 
All of those scenarios made lots of sense.
However, I figured for the sake of pumping some interest into my blog, I'd do a little research online before I wrote this post this morning.  I knew Toni had bookmarked a site online that analyzes dreams.  So, I decided I'd spend a few minutes seeing what the expert online dream analyzer....Dream Moods  had to say.
Honestly, I was quite sure I knew what it would say---it would tell me that I was just preoccupied with weight gain.  But, I figured.....hey, they might say it little more eloquently than that and I could use it to propel my blog post. 
Well, wasn't I a little bit shocked to find out that the interpretation had nothing at all to do with  weight--- as in pounds.......
To dream that you are overweight or that you are gaining weight suggests that you are feeling over-burdened and pressured. You are carrying too many responsibilities.

It stopped me in my tracks.  How did  they know?
Just when I thought that my life long reoccurring dream was really trying to tell me that all these years, I find out that my newest dream is trying to tell me the same thing! 
I guess the powers-to-be in dreamworld are trying a different tactic after years of that reoccurring dream and I wasn't listening....they must have figured that I would finally LISTEN if they talked in my language...the language of FATDOOM!

Whatta way to start Friday the 13th. 
I thought I was just having a fear of being fat.
Now I find out it's lifedoom. 
Maybe I'll just play 152.

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