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Thursday, January 19, 2012


in protest of the ANTI PIRACY LEGISLATION.  
The government is not going to tell me what I can't write on my blog!  Only my children have that right.....

Hey, I am a girl who likes to be at the height of fashion.
I like to be trendy and in the know.
So, when I heard about the SOPA blackout yesterday, I took it as my cue to stand strong  with my fellow cyberspace brethren and really impact the world..
I didn't blog yesterday.
Did you notice?

No one can say I'm not in touch with what's going on!
I wonder if those legislators got the message when they found out that Stories from the Road had joined the blackout.
No matter.
At least I got a little bit of extra much- needed sleep.
Sometimes protesting has it's advantages!

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