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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Detox me, please!

 I'm feeling the effects! 

*Saturday Happy Hour at home--one Tangueray Rangpur Martini (try it! amazing!, 3 oz. Tanqueray Rangpur gin, 2 drops aromatic bitters, lime twist, pour gin in a shaker FULL of ice and shake vigorously, strain into glass and garnish with the lime twist)

*Girls night out with my little girl and my sister. 
*Dinner at Stone Pepper Grille-- Thai shrimp and martini
Since we were headed to the movies at Settler's Ridge, we had hoped to get into Anthony's (this is our third attempt! boo! the place is always packed!)
Given we were on a time table--due to the movies, we had to find a place nearby that did not have a 2 hour wait.
That's how we ended up at Stone Pepper Grille. 
The martini was just fine and the Thai shrimp was tastey enough.
But, for some reason, my band was not too happy with that tastey Thai shrimp.
Thus, the many visits to their restroom.
Which, might I add was tastefully decorated and very clean. 
By the time we left the restaurant, I can assure you that I did not retain one calorie from the martinis or the shrimp!  

So, it only stood to reason that I felt completely justified in ordering myself *the extra large vat of buttered popcorn* to share with my movie mates (although they did not eat that much!).

Well, friends, I ain't feeling so great this morning.
After a very long night of tossing and turning and stomach misery and feeling just overall lousy, I am facing my long Sunday to-do list not so chipperly! 
I feel like I'm looking down the barrel of a gun right now.....

Oh, don't blame it on the martinis.
It was completely the result of that huge tub of movie theater popcorn!
Believe me, I know a martini hangover and this ain't it.
THIS, my friends, is the result of that damn popcorn that I munched my way through as I bee-bopped in my seat while watching Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton sing and snipe through the movie Joyful Noise (a cute enough movie, worth watching, a little disjointed, good music, will keep you bouncing in your seat, not an academy award winner but a feel good kinda movie that's not all that probable but gee, go see it...)

Sure, sure, that movie theater popcorn sounds innocent enough.
After all, movies and popcorn is an American rite! 
Let me assure you, that might have been the case--last night.
This morning---not so much. 
It is guilty as charged!!!

Here's the evidence:
From Web MD:
Would you scarf down a pound of baby back ribs and a scoop of Haagen-Dazs ice cream or maybe two Big Macs while watching the latest release at the movies?
That's what a new report says you’re getting in terms of fat and calories with a large tub of movie theater popcorn, and that's before they pour on the buttery topping.

Holy Popcorn! 

I'm heading to Detox.....right after I clean the kitchen, take my aunt grocery shopping, make Sunday supper, do the laundry, clean the kitchen again, do more laundry, clean the bathrooms, put away the laundry, change the bed linens.....
Um, well, maybe I'll go to Detox  after I have a glass of wine. 

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