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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Easing into.......

the day, the week, the month.....the year!
Slipping and sliding.......

Although most of the world is back to their regular lives today, I am not.
Nope, I scheduled another day at home.
A day off from work but not a day of no me.
It was supposed to be a day off to pack up Vince and get him off to PhDland and to bid farewell to some other holiday guests.
Then, Vince's car had some problems.
And the garage was closed for the holiday weekend.
So, Vince is staying put until the car is safe to travel in.
They are working on it right now.
Then, it snowed.
And, it snowed some more.
So, the guests are staying put.
This is no way to kick off a brand new year.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
And, wouldn't you know it....when I needed to blog the most....THIS MORNING....Blogger was also having some issues.....
So, in between cleaning up the kitchen from last night's unexpected dinner and a movie guests and making yet another gourmet breakfast, I decided I needed to BLOG......
This blogging moment might be the only snippet of sanity in my day!
Easing into insanity is more like it!!!

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