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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The party has to end sometime.....8-(

My little girl......who makes me laugh like no one else can!

I'm heading into the final week of being a working mother with a child at home.
Yes, the holiday/semester break is coming to an end for my princess daughter.
By this time next week,  she's back to college and I'm  back to my quiet house empty nest.
Although I will miss her terribly, it will get me back to my not as exciting regular life.
How boring is that?
Since she's been home, life has been a party and I gained weight and I'm exhausted my body is feeling the effects.
First, we kicked off the holidays in grand style with lots of eating, drinking and making merry.
Then, we rollicked and frollicked our way from Christmas until New Years.
After that, we had lots of girl dates--dinners, lunches and get togethers with friends.
Many, many, many trips to Starbucks for Chai Lattes.
Late night reruns of Friends while munching on Trader Joe's oatmeal cranberry dunkers and pop corn, drinking Snapple diet peach iced tea (then not being able to fall asleep due to all of the caffeine!).
Not to mention all the cooking and cleaning and shopping and movie watching.
But, we ain't done yet!
Before she goes, we're planning to sneak in all those things we didn't get to while she was here.....a few movies, mom and daughter facials and pedicures, a trip to our favorite sushi place, trying out my new recipe for macaroni and cheese with carmelized onions (I'll share the recipe if it turns out as amazing as I heard it was!) and whatever else is left on the list.....

One more week of partying.  
I'll take it. 

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