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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do I really have to go back today?

There's something mighty miserable about everyone returning to the office after the holidays at the same time.
And then me coming in a day later.
Yesterday was proof of that!  
I mean....I did go into work for a few days over the holidays while most of them were home basking in the love and joy of their families, watching movies and eating peppermint bark. 
I was the one fending off  answering the phone calls and emails, cleaning out the fridge, running the reception desk and hiding from dealing with students and their questions.  

Why do I have to be treated as though I somehow got a free pass just because I took January 3 off?
I'm telling you right now---I'm not happy about the fact that there's 53million things that need done and it's a new year and that all the spirit and joy of the holiday season has been beaten down into ash!

This after-the-holidays-new-year thing is a bitch not going well.....

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