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Thursday, May 23, 2013


This past weekend was filled with activity and frivolity in Judiland.
So much so that I had no idea what was going on in the world around me.
I tuned out CNN Breaking News on my phone and my email, I didn't watch the three hours of news that I typically watch each day and I didn't even pick up a newspaper.
I paid no attention to tweets and the only interaction I had with Facebook was to post pictures of our activity and frivolity.  
I didn't even blog.....or check bank balances or do any online chats or Skypes or check my work email......
The only iMessages I sent were to my dearly beloved college friends as I sat at my daughter's graduation---thanking them for the friendship and the memories they have given me and asking for their prayers that my daughter will also find the same  life long joy and comfort from her college friends.....
It was a momentous occasion for our family---a time for celebration and a time to release ourselves from the daily trials and tribulations that can be snatched by burdensome guilt and worry.

Although my unplugging was not intentional, it happened. 
Even my phone attached college grad unattached from her phone for a moment to check out (and approve!) the pictures I took during the ceremony!  

Typically, I am such an information hound that even in my busiest times, I find a way to see what's going on.....
Perhaps when I am smothered with joy and pride, my informational needs go away and I am truly in the moment.   
Being in the moment is something that I strive for.....and, I am proud to say....I accomplished it this past weekend.  

Unplugged......and it felt so good.  

The moment I plugged back in...... being in the moment wasn't even an option. 

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