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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bring on the PARTAYS!

That's hip talk for "BRING ON THE PARTIES"........

Q: How does a Lap Banded gal do parties?

Not to brag or anything but I am a party expert.
Yeah, I'm a party girl from way back.
I research parties, I throw parties, I do party assessments, I have notebooks on parties, I take classes on parties, I read about parties, I dream about parties, I talk about parties,  I keep detailed party logs, I shop for parties, I create parties, I have party clothes, I have party dishes, I have party hats, I have party napkins, I have party glasses, I have party silverware, I have party linens, I have a party closet....and yes, I go to parties.
Sometimes I think I am just a party waiting to happen.....for any reason at all.  
Yep,  I even  got myself a wopping PhD in PARTIES! 

Party Hard Diva

I've learned quite a few astounding things on my journey to becoming a PhD.
However, the most intense part of my journey came after 2007.   
After I got my Lap band.  
That's when the real education began.
You see, before that, parties meant over indulgence, decadence and gluttony---elementary indeed.
But, once I became a Lap Banded partier---I had to find a way to go beyond the elementary party behavior and educate myself on the higher academics of partying.  
Sure, I had a few bumps and bruises along the way but in the end, I found that higher education brings  a higher level of wonderfulness to partying. 
What I learned is very simple (although not elementary!):
*Parties aren't about the food or the drinks or the's about the guests
*A good host will make it about the food and the drinks and the decor....because of her guests   
*A good party goer isn't there for the food for the drinks......but will gleefully appreciate it....because of the host 

 Adopt and practice that thinking and you too will find a brand new level of joy to the upcoming Summer Party Season!

BTW......that advice comes to you at no charge....for anyone else, my Dr. Judi charges will be incurred.....
Oh, and speaking of just gotta and I mean gotta try this recipe from one of my favorite foodie bloggers.....The Proud Italian Cook.  Follow her advice to the letter and I guarantee you that you will swoon and squeal and then declare youself  Empress of the Land!    
Midweek I had a few of our new college grad's high school friends (who are also new college grads!) and their moms over for a little Happy Hour and served this with some wonderful summer wines that we toted back from one of our weekend winery visits.    
This recipe +  a few wines from this winery= the oohs and ahhs and the yum yum yums never stopped! (recommend a Seyval Blanc and a Traminette). 
So, if you eat nothing else this this (enjoy it with some wine, of course!)!  


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