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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ole! Ole! Ole!


Ay caramba! 
It's Cinco De Mayo!

Here in Judiland, the weekend has been a whirlwind.
Although I'd love to be celebrating the holiday (and shaking off the non-stop madness of the past two days!) by sipping margaritas and munching on a big ooey-gooey plate of nachoes while sitting in the sunshine.....that just ain't gonna happen....
So, if I can't do that....I'm doing the next best thing.....I'll be hanging out in the kitchen whipping up a little fiesta. 
Yes, I'm taking to the kitchen for a little relaxation....okay, okay.... I might sneak in a margarita....
Or two. 
Carmen is on his way out the door for another week on the road but my son the doctor blew into town for a friend's wedding so he and my cute little grand dog will be stopping by on their way home for a quick visit and what my son thinks will be a little lunch (yeah, like that will happen here.....)
So, I rounded up my sister and my nephew and our sweet young neighbor couple and I  pulled out all my Mexican-themed dishes and linens and we're gonna wrap up the weekend in muy caliente chica (that's Mexican for very hot chic), si, si!!!
 We'll be getting our Mexican on.......

With a few tried and true recipes......

Paula Deen's Roasted Corn, Pepper and Black Bean Salsa
Sweet Corn Cake (from All Recipes)
The Pioneer Woman's Pollo Asada 
Vanilla Ice Cream with warm Emeril's Chipolte Chocolate Sauce

With a little help from my friends at Trader Joe's.....

TJ's Beef Taquitos
TJ's Mini Chicken Tacos
TJ's Organic Dipper Corn Chips
TJ's Fresh Tomato Salsa
TJ's Pineapple Salsa

And, some fresh chorizo sausage from our  local  over priced grocer......just for good measure!

All of a sudden, I feel the need to go sombrero shopping.......

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