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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day! May Day!

Bathing suit season is right around the corner!!!!

Honestly, I'm not stressing over the arrival of bathing suit season.
I never claimed to set out to be the Bathing Beauty of the East Coast.
All I ever wanted to do was to wear a bathing suit without feeling like a the Beached Whale of the East Coast.
I never set the bar too high when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. 
Which is a good thing.....
At the age of 54, I am content with how I look in a bathing suit.
Bathing suits are not stressing me out.
I've over it.
So over it. 
For now......

What I have found myself stressing over are the gorgeous cream raw silk pants that I bought to go with a classy little cream, gold and silver pin striped cropped jacket for my daughter's college commencement. 
These pants are not forgiving at all. 
The fit is just perfect.....right now.

Maybe I should buy a back-up pair!
Ahhhhh.....maybe I need an entire back-up outfit!  

All of a sudden, I have myself completely convinced that I will wake up on commencement day in that hotel that is nowhere near a proper store and the pants will be too tight.  I will look horrible and this glorious day will be ruined. 
Yes, I fat girl behavior is kicking in big-time!
When I shared my angst with my almost-college graduate, she helped me see the light.
"Mother, it's not all about you.   I need amazing shoes for commencement.  That's what you need to concentrate on."
I mean, really.....will she  have to go barefoot? 

Yes, she is MY DAUGHTER. 
I guess I am on the hunt for amazing shoes.
For her.
And for me.
(and maybe some Spanx)
Because, no matter what she is a LITTLE BIT about me.  


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FitBy40 said...

Awww you'll be fine, and congrats to you and your daughter!