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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Me+My Lap Band=NO FEAR!

I'm not sure if I ever told you but sometimes at work we have to do forced fun kinds of things.
We have to do these bizarre bonding activities and unbelievable competitions just because they are supposed to be good for us.   
Because having fun is good.   Or so they say.  

Earlier this week we were thrust into a maniacal Amazing Race-ish scavenger hunt......on a sun-drenched crushing 88 degree day in the middle of the our work clothes.   
Yep, I'm serious.  
(I'm also serious about it being sun-drenched and 88 degrees in Pittsburgh PA in May!)
This particular event brought back memories of another Amazing Race event way back in the Summer of 2007......a ridiculously hot and humid early August day.....with a wonderful but competition-junkie boss...who sent us all over this blessed city.....up and and down hills and into hidden crevices and on top of mountains and on sweaty buses and riding flaming trolley cars......all in the name of bonding and fun......

As we were participating in this week's fun fun event, my lovely coworker (who, by the way, pulled a tendon during this week's  fun fun fun Amazing Race...... when another team tried to block our way....yes, I am serious....) reminded me that the Amazing Race in 2007 was the week BEFORE my Lapband. 
That's when the memories all came flooding back to me......
That's when I remembered the fear that would overtake me when I had to do anything like that.  
Because. Of. My.Weight. 
My fear was was based on me!
Although this past week's event was not exactly how I would have liked to spend my time......I realized that the only things I was was fearful of were  messing up my hair and having to trapse all around in my  brand spanking new metallic strappy wedge sandals.
I didn't think a thing about my weight or my body.
I just didn't want to do it.  PERIOD.
But, I did it.  
And, we didn't win.
My Amazing Race team mate is now using a cane. 
Let's hope her injury has taught them a  lesson and they ban the next Amazing Race. 

Now, if they suggest a bar crawl......that's a whole other story.  
Although.....there may be a few more folks with canes.
After 2 drinks, I might just be deliberately tripping quite a few people.....

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FitBy40 said...

OMG, that's insane! It could be fun but the least they could do is warn you in advance so you could have some 'play clothes' and sensible shoes!
WOW. So glad you were able to have fun and not be inhibited by weight!