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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A message from UNCLE SAM.....

The U.S. Government has given the Lap band it's blessing.
Twice, in fact.

The Lap band has been FDA approved for the morbidly obese for quite awhile.
And, just a few days ago, it was once again FDA approved for even a wider sector the
population---the everyday obese person.

Finally, someone in the hallowed halls of the FDA gets it--obesity needs to be and should be dealt with using the technology and medical procedures available.

Obesity can lead to morbid obesity which can lead to more than just a handful of health issues--it can be MORBID.
It's not just about vanity and jean sizes.
What that means is that obesity can be directly linked to death.
Obesity is only a few BMI points away from morbid obesity.

What's a few measly points between life and death?

Amazingly, someone realized that it's downright silly to wait until people are at death's door before giving them the available tools and resources they need to help them.
Thank you Uncle Sam and Cousin FDA.

I'm just so sorry..... that's just not enough.
Just because the government restrictions change, that does not change the decisions of the insurance companies.

No matter what YOU say....the insurance companies have to get on board.
Until they recognize that by not providing their paying customers with the choices available to them to deal with their obesity issues--they will continue to shell out more dollars over longer periods of time to deal with the ailments brought on by obesity-- high blood pressure, diabetes, knee replacements, heart conditions--to name just a few.

Sure, we can all shake our collective fingers at obese people and tell them to cut their calories and exercise.
We can publicly declare that they are lazy, they lack willpower, they have emotional issues that cause them to overeat, they are remedial when it comes to nutrition and last but not least, they are just apathetic, pathetic gluttons.
We can look down on them and consider them weak, stupid people who just don't know how to lose weight.
Hey, let's face it.....that's what the world has been doing to fat people, to overweight people and to obese people for ions.
It's a national pastime to shame them!

But, I wonder--how can these insurance companies truly look their customers in the eyes and tell them that there is a tool that can really (really, really) help them but they won't give it to them because we have labeled them as fat, lazy, stupid, weak people?

It's time to listen to Uncle Sam and Cousin FDA......


Anonymous said...

oh dont get me started on insurance companies....ha...I used to work for one...we paid for abortions but not birth control????WTF?????????? I mean really.....

they are fucking stupid people who make those decisions....sorry if I offended anybody, but REALLY???

Jill in NY

Jen said...

Now we need to find out why, after a lap-bander loses a job and tries to find non-group insurance, they (may be) uninsuranble, due to a pre-existing condition...LAP BAND.
It makes me furious!

Lee Ann said...

Very well said Judi. I love reading your posts every morning. :) I totally agree with you. Right now I'm fat enough to get lectured about my "choices & lifestyle" while pregnant and made to feel like I caused gestational diabetes (then after preg BMI 39.3 in Aug) but not fat enough to get help. Then after losing weight, the insurance company cited my last weigh-in (BMI 34.7) as a reason to "stick with it" since it fell below 35---by two pounds. Wow. That's what I get for trying so hard. And my premiums each month are not cheap---to get nothing in return. I'm hoping this new ruling by the FDA will help me. If not this year maybe in the next few.

diane said...

Preach on sister! I had the choice almost two years ago to gain weight or self pay. I was lucky I could afford to self pay because to gain weight on purpose would have hurt me psychologically beyond repair...I don't know how Bridget Jones can do it! Anyway it was well worth it and would be even if I had had to make payments!!!This was an extremely well-written blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah Judi!!! The lapband has truly saved my life. Best thing I have ever done now I'm trying to work on those head issues.


Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Oh don't EVEN go there! Just spent the last week at Gambino Medical Center, er UPMC with my son Devin. UPMC have lied, cheated, robbed (ESP!!) and killed more than the Gambino crime family EVER did!!
Luckily he is fine, one back surgery down, two to go!!! Long story, I'll catch up with you later this week. Just catching up on my blog reading! I missed you!