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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did someone say OPEN BAR?

I figured that might get your attention.
It always gets mine....

Now that you are here, grab a stool, we'll order a martini or two.
Probably two.
Because, you know, this bar is set way too high for me.
I need YOU to help me get a little higher so I can reach it....

......where nobody knows my name.

You can't lose and you can't gain.
Maintenance is like martinis.....two is not enough but three is too many.

I've never been here before.
This place where I am not trying to lose weight.
Oh, sure I've been to the place where I didn't want to gain any weight.
But, being at a place where you have to do them together is turning out to be harder than I ever imagined.

It's like drinking martinis and line dancing.
I can't seem to do that.
Never could.

I am looking through the bottom of a martini glass.
It's all distorted and wiggly.

You see the life preserver ( lime twist) floating by.
But, you gotta get to the bottom of the glass before you can hang on to it.
And, then....just when you think you can get hold of it.....the room starts to spin.

This morning, the room is spinning.
I am going to put one foot on the floor and say the rosary.

It's the only method I know to remedy what the Maintenance Bar is doing to me.

If you have other ideas to share.....please, tell me about it over a martini.
I'm buying.....


Band Groupie said...

Chocolate is the answer.

To everything.

Can't wait until tomorrow (and thanks for the 'tini!)!

~Lisa~ said...

You're a martini Lady!! I KNEW there was a reason we'd become fast friends!!

I agree with Band Groupie - chocolate is always the answer!

Tina said...

whoa...what happened to the fear that you were now going to re-gain and start losing this battle after Christmas? was your PA (cannot remember if it was the nutritionist or the PA or the nurse) full of shit as we all suspected?

go get some of the dip to have with your martini!


Bonnie said...

Sorry, but I am way too far from the maintenance bar to offer any advice. However, am looking forward to drinking with you when I get there. I love me some martinis too.