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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting my Sunday on.......

Even though my hands smell like a combination of Mr. Clean and Murphy's oil soap and my body has taken a beating from scrubbing floors on my hands and knees, moving furniture and running baskets of laundry up and down two flights of steps while tackling cobwebs, stray kernels of popcorn and piles of magazines and newspapers and baskets overflowing with trash, I am a diva at heart.
I always put my red lip gloss on when I do housework.
It's the only thing that reminds me who I really am.

Between laundry, grocery shopping, scrubbing floors, sweeping carpets and polishing the furniture, I realized the housewife-way-of-life just ain't for me.
God bless my beloved mother and all of my aunts and many of my cousins who chose this profession and ace (d) it so well.
Because really--housekeeping is hard, unstylish, thankless work.
Me.....I'm content to get up every morning, put on my make up and fancy shoes, make my way to the office fighting lousy traffic and spending the day being agitated a bit, having a bit of stress and frustration and then, heading home, dead tired but not smelling like detergent and feeling like a truck ran me over.
This scrubbing and cleaning shit just ain't my thing.
No. No. No.
But, I'm realistic enough to know that sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
So, today, as I scrubbed and swept and cleaned, I comforted myself with the promise that tonight I was going to treat myself to a decadent night on the couch.
Me, my leopard robe, my fluffy slippers and my stylish friends and a true Hollywood inspired menu....

Coppola Bianco (honoring Francis Ford Coppola)
Giada DeLaurentis's Roasted Fennel with Parmesean (honoring Dino DeLaurentis)
Wolfgang Puck's Crab Louie
Take The Cannoli (which we picked up last night at a little Italian specialty bakery...honoring The GodFather)
Enrico Biscotti (honoring the location and inspiration for the movie The Bread My Sweet)

Yes, it's Oscar night.
Thankfully, my RED CARPET is very clean.


Bonnie said...

Menu sounds awesome. What time should I come over?

Barbara said...

Sounds Good to me!!. put those feet up and enjoy the night..

Jacquie said...

mmmm....sounds like a decadent night indeed!

Kathy said...

Yummy, my day hasn't been so hard. But I am getting ready to watch the awards and our menu includes leftover stew from last Sunday is my "take it easy" day. Enjoy your marvelous dinner.

Debbie said...

Tomorrow when you get home from work and you smell the lingering scent of clean-ness that comes from scrubbing with Murphy's, a smile will cross your face... It will have been worth it, I promise..
Take if from your friend that loves a clean house and aspired to a career as a housewife !!!
Enjoy the Oscar's...