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Friday, February 25, 2011

Eeny, meenie, miney, mo......

Time to put my thinking cap on....

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
If only they were as easy as EENY, MEENIE, MINEY, MO......

After a long week of work and a boatload of other obligations, it's only natural to look at the weekend as a time to kick back, take it easy, do what ya wanna do, have a little fun and catch up on all the things that you never get a chance to do during the week.
Sounds good.
Unless you live in Judiland.
Each weekend, I have to choose which one of those things I want to do---
Kick back? Take it easy? Do what I wanna do? Have a little fun? Catch up on things?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes.
Each weekend, I have to figure out which one of those things I can actually get around to doing.
That's where I am right now.
In my mind, I know what I should do--catch up on things.
In my heart, I know what I want to do--everything else but catch up on things.
But, I keep thinking--I can't continue to not catch up on all the things that need my attention--like--doing laundry, scrubbing the kitchen floor, putting the china closet back together, put away the rest of the Christmas linens and crystal, corral all the paperwork that's laying around......well, you get the picture.
Yet, I also keep thinking--a girl needs to let her hair down, kick up her heels, get her beauty rest and blow off some steam if she wants to maintain her sanity, enjoy her life and not turn into a boring old hag.
Yes, TGIF.....

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