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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet the Bloggers.......

Lee Ann from Stealing Skinny.....
Nancy from The Sweet Spot....

We are all meeting today!
Yes, after months of trying to meet up with my blogging neighbor band's happening.
We blog within miles of each other.
Under the same sky....the same sun.....the same falling snow.
In the same sliver of Pennsylvania.
In separate little suburban hamlets.
On separate computers.
With separate lives.
Living separate experiences.
Yet sharing one tiny space on the internet.
Embracing one common goal.
Telling each other things we may not even speak aloud.
We're going to hear voices we never heard.
Faces we only saw in pictures.
Wondering if somewhere in our travels, we passed each other in the grocery store, at the mall.
Do we go to the same dentist? Go to the same Starbucks? Eat at the same restaurants? Know the same people? Drive on the same roads?
We are strangers who know about each other's journeys, mishaps, hopes, frustrations, challenges, victories and dreams.
Yet we never shared a meal, a drink or an audible laugh.
Women who know how much weight we gained, how much weight we lost and what size pants we wear.....things our own families may not even know.
It's an amazing thing.

Do I even have the proper shoes for this momentous, historic, bloggeriscious occasion?


tessierose said...

I am so jealous, the three of you are some of my favorite bloggers, have fun!

Darlin1 said...

Lucky you!! I'm jealous also.......


~Lisa~ said...

I'm sooo wishing I were coming to meet all of you too - hopefully next time!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like fun!

Lee Ann said...

It was so much fun Judi! We'll have to do that again and maybe next time my husband will be off work so I don't have to rush off like that. I must admit I never looked down to notice your shoes (something you said in your post) but your sparkly bracelets caught my eye. I'm a jewelry girl although you'd never know since I don't wear much---just more for toddlers to grab and pull at---so for now, all my sparklies are hibernating.