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Saturday, September 5, 2009

What did you do on your summer vacation?

Tell me......I'm listening......


Jen said...

I'll start!
I got to go to California and housesit the ranch that I grew up in....alone....for about five days!
Did I mention ALONE?
I climbed the hills (huff and puff the whole way - pre-band) and explored the haunts of my youth. This is where I rode my horse as a kid, got in trouble as a teenager and the place that will always be HOME to me.
I followed it up by hooking up with my BFF of 30 years and we went to a Jimmy Buffett concert (my 15th one)
Ending this summer by going to a treehouse hotel in Southern Oregon. out and about treehouse resort. My Mom has ALWAYS wanted a treehouse (she is nuts, but I love her) Well,this year she turns 80, one of my sisters (my moms oldest) turns 60, I turned 40 and my daughter turned 20 (my oldest) so we are celebrating by staying a few nights in the treehouse hotel and they have ziplines we may try as well. Should be a fun trip!
Next year...I am trying real hard to get to OZ! fingers crossed!
Jen from Oregon

Jody V said...

I went to physical therapy dammit!! But...Vegas in one week!!