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Friday, September 25, 2009


the G-20 is in town?
Coulda fooled me.
I don't think our news media know what to make of it all.
You tune in and they are sitting there just trying to fill the time.

Back to you, John, in Lawrenceville, what's happening there?

Pittsburgh is either a city filled with over-reactors, a town who knows how to behave or our officials did their homework and made sure they were prepared.

Or, maybe....just maybe....all the action will take place today.

As for yesterday--it was very uneventful for me.
*I got delayed by about 200 National Guardsmen on bicycles meandering down the Boulevard of the Allies as I drove to work in the morning. But, I literally breezed through the rest of the way.
*I got stuck in some mysterious gridlock down in lower Oakland (near the University of Pittsburgh) on my way home. Buses, cars, and police motorcycles were all at a complete standstill. Within about 40 minutes, everything started moving. I have no idea what that was all about.
*All of the military and police presence sort of made my stomach feel a little queasy. It made the day feel so urgent-- like something was going to happen at any moment.

and that was it.....

GEE, I wonder what will happen today?


MaryPitt said...

Today is when all the action is taking place over in Oakland and I am scheduled for my first Lap Band appt at Magee at 2 pm when the BIG MARCH is taking place! I have waited 3 mths of this appt and if any protester tried to stop look out!!!!

Tx for your support Judi, I cannot believe this day is finally here (the first step!)


Anonymous said...

Wow Judi....

Good luck Mary!