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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are you sure it's only Wednesday?

are you absolutely sure?
absolutely positively?

This week just feels like one big torture chamber. Everything...and I a fight to the finish. Like pulling teeth. Every. damn. thing. Perhaps everyone is just grouchy. That can happen at this time of the year. Summer is over. Life gets more serious. Cold weather is on the way. Windows and doors get sealed shut. Heating bills start inching up. We want to eat oreos.
So, let's put September to bed and start planning for pleasant and lovely October.
I'm in.
How about you?


The Universe said...

No matter how things appear, Judi; no matter what you've overheard; and no matter how many people think otherwise... nothing can stop you, no one can hurt you, and you and I still have forever and ever.
The Universe

Jody V said...

Count me in Judi!! I'm ready!


Anonymous said...

I'm ready and cranky lolol