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Saturday, September 12, 2009's for real.......

this empty nest thing.....

Our very first full weekend just the two of us.
We're bumbling through it.
No kids---anywhere in sight.
Even my little nephew who has been spending Saturdays with us while my sister works ended up being invited elsewhere for the day.
It's going okay so far.
But, I have to tell you that if we flipped the calendar back about 10 years and we had an entire day just to ourselves.....bumbling through it would not be what we would be doing.
So, it makes me can we stop bumbling and start rrrrrrrumbling?

We started the day just fine--Carmen had his typical early morning conference call, we took a walk up to the local breakfast diner hot spot for eggs, we meandered along the main street, perused the Farmer's Market, hung out at the library, went to our favorite hardware store and then found our way back home--all before noon. (and btw--I wore the cutest pair of "boyfriend" jeans that I bought at Ann Taylor--Size 8. Just thought I'd mention it) If it were up to me--it would have taken quite a bit longer---we would have hung out more, perused a little more, meandered a little more. But, Carmen has the attention span of a four year old plus he is so used to being on a crazy schedule that he can't stop and enjoy the moment. He's always in a hurry to finish. Finish what? I always ask. He never has an answer. We really do need to fix that. Because it's just not going to work in our new world where we can and should be enjoying the scenery....and possibly a few other things.
I'm sure we'll get there......won't we?


Debbie said...

Carmen needs to be knocked unconscious like Scott was. He is a different person, living in the moment, doing things like selling all his stock he's had for years, selling our rental houses. He has this new "life is too short" philosophy, which is great for me, cause I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. Who knew after all these years all it takes is a bump on the head!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's suggest you do things how you want to do it and see if that 4 year old follows along. Isn't that what you did with the kids? It is the same with your DH!
just some sage advice from someone who has been there done that.