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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emergency stylist needed ASAP......

.....'cause I need one.....bad....!

Okay, before I chicken out....I'm going to put this out there right now. See that picture below.....well....I have been depressed ever since I saw it. No, no...not because Carmen has a huge stain on his shirt (the man is hopeless....he spilled coffee on it as he raced home to see Toni go off the dance and there was no time to change....). And, not because Toni is growing up. Nothing quite that wifely or motherly. It's much more self-absorbed than that. It's because when I got dressed that day, I actually thought I looked good. I thought "wow....these jeans look pretty good"....."oooh, this jacket fits great"....."doesn't this scarf look adorable?"...."I am gonna skip the belt today, things looks okay"....."oh yes, the boots work"....."looking good Judi, looking good". How could I have been so damn wrong? I mean......look at it. LOOK AT IT. What a waste of good make-up that day was.....

Clearly, I need a stronger contact prescription.....or a stylist. Whatever it is....I need HELP! Here's the thing....I have always thought I had a good eye for what looks good and what doesn't. And, I take a good amount of pride in my fashion sense. But, this....oh my goodness. What the hell happened? I mean, just a few posts ago I was giving YOU fashion advice. Well, I'll bet after seeing this picture, you're ready to scratch that. Stop the presses....Judi has no clue what looks good and what doesn't! I've got some serious problems here....

And, there is no way that I look like I lost 80+ pounds! I'll be honest-- as much as I'm upset that I didn't get the fashion thing right, not looking like what I thought I looked like after having lost weight is what is breaking my heart! I admit it--I shed a few tears over this. Yes, it's true. I mean...I lost 80 + pounds. It seems horribly unfair that I can't look like it. Maybe it is a fashion thing. Maybe it's not my body. I don't know. Perhaps I need to get myself on one of those make over shows. Who knows. I'm just miserable and sad. In addition to that--with all the awful things going on in the world right now and with the election looming---I feel small and shallow that I've got myself in such a state over something as vain as this. But, understand...don't you? I mean, let's face it....I've had my vision shattered here. That's really rough.....

Okay....just take a closer look and you tell me what you think. I mean, the jeans....they don't work. Right? They are too baggy or something. What do you think? And, they are just downright unflattering. Aren't they? What was I thinking with that t-shirt underneath the jacket? It was a bad choice--right? It hits at the wrong place and it does look too big (because it is!)....! And, the scarf....holy just does not work at all. Am I right or not? And, the hair. Yeah, what's with the hair? I mean...what is with the hair? The entire just sucks. You have to agree! I mean, I had been working on coming up for a new look for myself as I approached my 50th b-day. But, I didn't know I needed it that badly. But, now I know. For sure. And, to think, I walked around that entire day thinking "hey I look pretty good..." Is my dimentia setting in already?

So....let me ask you....what do you think the problem is? What is not working here? What can I do to fix my look and take advantage of the fact that I just lost 80+ pounds..... ??????
Looks like we've got work do to......


Anonymous said...

I am catching up with your blog now after my self imposed seclusion (finished THE thesis and submitted!)You look great but the problem is that you are standing next to that GORGEOUS petite Toni! No one would like what they looked like next to her. SHE IS AMAZiNG! Always was. Looks just like her mama ;-)
Too funny about Carmen. But he is a cutie-patuti (always was).
You look great and your blog is the best.
You owe me a drink!

Jody V said...

Oh Judi -

I am not a fashion guru by any sense. I do think the jeans are TOO BIG!! You need a slimmer cut since you are so much thinner. I wish I had this problem!!


Ashley said...

i agree with jody about the pants you do need a slimmer pant. when they are too big thats when they start making the person look bad. i've gone through soo many pairs of pants because of that reason. also i think you should get rid of the jackets. you lost 80+ pounds and you shouldn't be hiding that anymore or you also need a smaller jacket. maybe before you use to layer to hide the fat, well you don't need to do that anymore. now britt says i don't have a lot of fashion sense, so take it for what it's worth. show off your loss just because it's winter time doesn't mean you have to add 80 pounds of clothing:) because you looked awesome at the beach and every other time i saw you in the summer!!

luv ya

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Dear Mrs. Earkle,
ANYONE standing next to Selma Hyak is going to look like shit. Unless of course you are Nicole Kidman or someone.
Try boot cut pants. That's what Oprah says.
Maybe its just the camera angle?

Kathy said...

Ok I have to agree that the pants are too big which make you look bigger than you are. And the jacket does make you look bulkier than you are. But I also agree that Toni is a beautiful girl. And the Halloween decorations you are standing in front of are really cute.

Deluzy said...

MAN, you're hard on yourself, Judi!!

As the others suggested (or at least implied), it's simply that this outfit, while attractive, is designed for 80+ pounds than you've got on you, and THAT'S why you're not seeing the loss (though we certainly do!).

1) Jeans are too big, I agree --> bootcut's the way to go.

2) T-shirt should hit below the fly-line of the jeans (i.e., be a little longer) and go find a TAPERED one! You have a figure now -- show it.

3) Along the same lines, doff the jacket (which is cute, but ...) or find one that nips in at the waist.

Your girl doesn't look the way she does (i.e., fabulous!) for no reason. Check out her mother!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Take your scarf, wrap it around a few more times, like a collar. Place a large pin closer to your face to draw up the eye. Where the scraf ends, it draw attention to your tummy (hey, we all got one!). I think you will like that look better.

You are a BEAUTIFUL woman and you should be so very proud of yourself and your weight loss accomplishment!!!



Judi said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone that you are not wearing clothes that accentuate
the fact that you lost any weight. The jeans are bad and so is the
jacket. The suggestion you got would work (bootleg jeans) but I would
not know until I see you! At your age, you should not wear that "CUTE"
scarf (so bad!). You probably need to figure out a new hair do and a
new look if you want to do the 50 thing. Sorry but it is true. Your are
a great person but I think you have a good job so HIRE A STYLIST! You
do need one that says "no problem" (ignore these people who post, they
like you too much to tell you how you *ReALLY* look!)
You look very heavy in the picture and so does your dh (he needs a
lapband) Your dd is lovely but thin(does she want to be?). YOU are

baye said...

I agree - the pants are too big and waay too high. Also don't tuck the shirt in, try a tunic style top in an empire style that flows away from the body (it hides the tummy we almost all have) and doesn't come too long. You'd want it so it doesn't cover the crotch. The jacket is bulky and boxy. I know you probably like jackets for professional wear but try one that's a little more fitted.
Lastly, have you ever watched "what not to wear" on TLC on Friday nights? I don't agree with everything they say but they do have some good advice. They also say that to have your clothes fit right, you need to become best friends with a good tailor. Plus, it's fun to watch someone spend
5K in two days. You'll get it you just need to take the time to try on a lot of things and see what works for you.