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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My big girl pants.......

What's that saying....."put on your big girl pants and deal with it"? Well, I can't. Not unless I want to wear them around my ankles. Probably not a good look. Trust me, even though I've lost a significant amount of weight, the world is just not ready for me to be walking around with my pants around my ankles.....even if I'm just doing it to deal with IT. Which means that dealing with IT or dealing with anything else, for that matter, is just not going to happen in my big girl pants. Somewhere in that truth, there's a silver lining. And, that silver lining is---yes, I still have things that are keeping me awake at night and yes, I still have stress and problems and all sorts of issues and pains. But, I don't have to wear a Size 22 or 24 pants while I deal with them. Like Martha would say--"that's a good thing." This is what I have to remember. There are good things amid all the shit things. Good things. My Lapband is one of them. And, not having to wear my big girl pants is another. So, perhaps I'll just put on a big hat and deal with IT.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Judi,
Good news here in my lapband world! FIFTY lbs gone! Could not wait to tell YOU and your community of blog readers (also,sent you an email please read!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU have been a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE reason for me getting here! YOU deserve a CROWN instead of a hat and YOU don't deserve to be any thing other than very loved, highly adored, at peace and happy! I am a stranger and you have make a difference in my life. If you make a difference for a stranger, YOUR family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc are so lucky to have you REALLY in their lives! Moi:jealous? ;-)
Please take a day off from dealing and put on your deserved crown (and sone great shoes!).
QUEEN JUDI REIGNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What Babs said!!! Except for I didn't get rid of 50 pounds and I do not have a lapband. But yea, what Babs said!
p.s. congrats Babs!

Anonymous said...

No. Queen Judi ROCKS!

LappyGirly said...

Great news from Babs!8-)
Thank you for your nice note last week. Hope the bathing suit hunting is good. I agree with Babs too. Give Judi a crown. That hat looks uncomftable.
(aka KathiwithaK&i)

MariB said...

Hi Judi,

No wonder they didn't want to give you a passport if that is the way you run around town! That's you in the picture, no? LOL!
You always have a great way of looking at life and gives me something to think about!HA! HA! YOU are an inspiration for more than just "this thing of ours" !