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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What not to say to a woman on a liquid diet at a dinner party......

Tonight I had to go to a dinner party. It was held to honor someone I like very sister-in-law. So, I decided that I was feeling decent enough to go. And, I didn't relish the idea of spending Saturday night home alone.....I've had enough aloness already. So, I made a little plan in order to get through the night. All went well at first. The appetizer buffet---which was filled with all of my favorites--was easy to deal with. I sat far enough away, sipped my water and focused on talking. When dinner was served, I managed to keep myself occupied with more talking and leaving the area as much as possible. It was easy to slip away since the weather was lovely outside. Dessert even went well. I busied myself with my water and more talking. You get the picture.....I did lots of talking. No talk about my surgery, no talk about my diet, no talk about anything remotely relating to diets. Dinner party talk. After dessert had finished, the small time remaining seemed like a cinch. I was home free. Then, my sister-in-law's sister---a very flamboyant, colorful, descriptive and lovely person who I think is just great---began talking about what she did on her vacation. As it turned out, what she did was eat. And, eat. And, eat. But she did not just eat. She dined. She dined in incredible fact, they were outstanding. And, so, for what felt like 3 hours, she described every mind blowing detail. She hit all the senses---what it smelled like. Outstanding.
What it looked like on the plate. Outstanding. What it tasted like. Outstanding. She did not leave one detail out. "Mounds of fresh crab spilling out of huge shrimps that were seasoned with garlic and wine and lemon. "You should have seen these steaks. Huge. Juicy. Tender." "Oh, the sauce was to die for. It had huge chunks of tomatoes and basil and sausage." "You never tasted a pecan ball like this in your life. It was heavenly. The chocolate sauce was so rich and creamy." "You just have to eat their scallops! Like butter!" She rolled her tongue and perched her lips as she talked.....forming each word as if she were once again tasting the delectable foods . Those beautiful, incredible, outstanding foods.
Like I said before, it's not like I am starving. But, I AM on a liquid diet.


Lucy said...

Oh dear Judi you should've stuck your foot out and made her go down're doing just great!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog and I love you. THis blog is my new addiction. I am having so much fun reading it. I wish you all the best in the world on your journey. You are a gifted and inspiring person who I am so glad to have in my life. Even tho we don't see each other that often, now your blog makes me feel like we do.
143, Linda

Anonymous said...

Judi! You are keeping me in smiles!
Keep up the good work!!!
XOX Jeanie