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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's accomplishments--sitting on deck.......

Trashing the pain meds was probably the best decision I made since.....well.....not sure. But, it's done a world of good for my ability to think. Now that I can legally be considered "of sound mind", I must say that I'm a bit red-faced by my previous post. As you should know, I'm completely against violence of any kind and I certainly would not allow my own son to act as a hit man (no matter how hitman-like the name "Vinny" sounds....anyway I've never called him Vinny and have become extremely agitated when people do....not enough to be violent, of course). Nonetheless, I still stand by my assertion that these people who are out there saying they did this or that within days of having this surgery.....LIARS! Take for example this surgeon.....he says he operated 2 days after his own surgery. I'd like to see those folks HE operated on! (I hope I did that html link correctly....if not....take my word for it).
So, yes, that's me sitting on my deck. Well, it's a visual of me. Not exactly me. No one was here to take my pix so I lifted it from one of my favorite websites. Anyway, love the little table....don't you? I'd paint it red with white trim but considering that I am using it without the permission of the artist, I am not in a position to say a word. In any case, it felt good to sit on the deck. My flowers are all doing well. My herbs that took a big hit a few weeks back during a storm seem to be rallying once again. And, I just love the new red flowered oilcloth tablecover I found on a little shopping excursion in NC. I chatted on the phone a bit, watched some weeds grow down by the arbor, considered starting an exercise regimen on the big trampoline sitting in the middle of the yard and fantasized that my crystal light was a luscious glass of wine. Luxury living.
As for how things are REALLY going. Today's pain is manageable. Still have a good deal of discomfort from what they say is gas (I still haven't come to terms with the fact that it's really "gas".....just so you know). And, the incisions are a bit more bothersome. It's most likely because clothes are hitting up against them. To be more undies. Maybe I should just go commando. But, I just love my undies.....thankfully the plus size undergarment designers didn't scrimp when it came to making sure us bigger girls could cover our private parts in style. Remember the scene from "Shallow Hal". Yes, big girls wear thongs......

As for other things.....most people think the clear liquid thing sounds absolutely dreadful. In all honesty, it's not that bad....but for reasons most people probably aren't considering. I am NOT starving. I'm not loosing my mind looking at the bag of tortilla chips Carmen thoughtlessly left laying on the chair next to my computer. I'm not crying and stomping my feet as I pass the fridge. I'm completely satisfied with having a red popsicle for breakfast, sugar free jello for a snack, a smidgen of my own chicken broth for lunch, a tad of my own French onion broth for dinner and lots of crystal light in between to keep my body hydrated. The horrible liquid vitamins aren't even as awful as I thought they would be. But, what the real problem is that there just aren't enough clear liquid menu items to keep me interested in consuming them. I HAVE to continue to eat/drink this way for awhile. I don't want these things. I'm not hungry so I could go on and on without putting anything in my mouth. But, even though I'm quite sure I have enough fat stockpiled on this body to live off of it for several weeks, I do need to eat/drink. There might be a very good business idea in all of this. My sister is always on the look out for the next big thing that would make her wildly rich and successful. Here is it Cathy......Gourmet Clear Liquids........!
So, the report from Day 4 is---no, I could not go out and do my normal daily routine but yes, it is getting better. And, I feel good enough to feel lucky. The florist came to the door twice today. Unfortunately, neither delivery guy was worth what it took me to walk to the door. But, the flowers and those who sent them more than made up for these 2 guys' poor hygiene habits. A lesson's in there somewhere.


Caesar223 said...

Judi! I was laughing so hard I realized I better visit the girls’ room before there is an accident. Your positive attitude and humor on the 4th day is inspiring! You may have a best seller by the time this is all over. Gerry :)

Harriet said...

Hey Judi! Glad you have kicked the drugs and are feeling a little better. Here's some words of wisdom from Stevie (from the song Rock a Little):
Sometimes it rages...rock a little
Even when it's calm...still rock a little
Just like the sea...I rock a little
Say it was just like me
Still rock a little

SweetbabyJaney said...

No drugs? I live for drugs! You are one gusty girl! Commando, huh? Now that's what I call plus-size-gutsy! My bandday is less than a week away. I am nearly glued to your blog. Our group meets tonight. Without you. Neysa is as you say "large and in charge" since you will not be with us. 8-( No doubt tho that the chatter will be all Judi. I sent out an email to the group that when you're feeling better we should organize a commando night on the town. My attempt at mimicing your humor. Might not have been too funny since the only response so far was Bob. Me think he's getting a little too frisky being home with Nursey Patty all day. We will miss ya Judi. Keep your good spirits. I'll need a dose of whatever you are taking next week! James is loving your blog too!!!

Neysa said...

I was LARGE AND IN CHARGE tonight!!! I made an official proclomation that as of today everyone has to go commando after surgery until their scars are healed. Don't get nasty on me now! Rip those fancy guchies off your white ass and start feeling the fresh air!!! Big Bob told me to tell you that he was wearing his on his head! No one believes him anyhow. Big show. No go.
Counting the days until I am going commando! I like this leader of the pack stuff. I ordered us all black jackets that say "August Lap Banders" across the back in RED! Figured we could wear them in the Christmas Parade. Going commando there too!! Ha!ha!ha!
xxxoooo Neysa

Karen said...

Having fun yet? Thanks for inviting me to read your blog. Good luck and I am so sorry that you are not back to your old self. Hope to see you soon. Karen

fourfloreys said...

Hi Judi!! Always glad to see a new post -- makes me think you're doing okay. Then I read them and I KNOW you're doing okay. As much as we love you, don't expect the RT to join in the commando experience -- we're not as brave as you. Not to mention, you know it's cold down here in the basement :-)

I'll keep my eyes open for those gourmet liquids! Take care! R.

Maureen said...

Hey Judi:
I am so very very happy to se that the lap band surgery did not reduce your personality...just your tummy. This blog is a riot...even though I know you are not exactly feeling very "riotous" at the moment, I am confident you will soon and we will go out on the town to celebrate your success and the new you. We'll do something that would really embarrass Toni, OK?

Maureen said...

Hi Judi:
It's so very good to see that the lap band surgery did not reduce your personality...just your tummy. This blog is a riot...ok ok...I know you are not feeling very "riotous" at the moment but when you do let's go out on the town and celebrate your success and the new you...we'll do something to embarrass Toni!!
Take Care,