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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My van could not accept it.......

My van has suffered so many near death experiences over the years. Some of them at the hands of folks in the food industry---a pizza delivery guy did $8000 of damage to it while trying to beat the clock, a famous local sandwich maker rammed it from behind and a non-English speaking fry cook charged at it for no apparent reason. Then there was the break down in the Hill district, the transmission blown on the Parkway and of course, the not-so-fun experience in the early morning hours on the back roads of Virginia near a Christian Rock Station. Not to mention the many drives between Oakland and Mt. Lebanon with smoke billowing out of the hood or those humiliating times when I managed to make a whole new slew of enemies as it stalled out during rush hour traffic. And, then, there's the mysterious bullet holes. Yet, each time, no matter how dreadful the situation, my red van rallied. Even during some it's most gruesome hours, it somehow wanted to live. But.....the hour has come. It is no longer begging for mercy. It has called it quits. Somehow it found out that it's resident driver is transforming. My loyal van knows that it will no longer suit me. It knows I'm moving on. It knows I need something a little sassier, something that doesn't scream "I'm a middle-aged mom with kids, a belly that giggles and my breasts are not perky.....". It's been a great van. It's comfortably held my body from size 10 to size 22 without wincing. It's transported little boys in baseball uniforms that spit on the floor, it hauled groceries and hockey sticks and sweet little ballerinas in the making. It carried nieces and nephews, beach toys and luggage. Bouncy cheerleaders practiced hand movements and chants to and from games and practices. It got us through raging storms and snowy holidays and sunny days at the Dormont Pool. It carried kids in tears, in giggles and in their formal attire. It picked them up at childcare centers and elementary schools and middle schools and high schools. It parked in church parking lots and at malls, hotels and beach houses. It safely cradled life's treasures, pumpkin pies and big vats of meatballs. It was Santa's sleigh and a dining coach at the drive-in. It housed stray french fries, missing Barbie shoes and hidden packs of cigarettes. It hid dirty laundry from visitors, rocked babies to sleep and stood in sports locker and junk drawers. It was lived in and loved. My van. Me.

Carmen says "we need a new van". Our van days are over, babe. I've got a whole new VIBE going on......maybe even a SALSA VIBE! ME.


Paula said...

Quit your day job! You must spend the rest of your life writing your memoirs. You are now my new addiction.
Love the new car! It will fit the new you!
Can't wait to tune in tomorrow.
hugs, Paula

Harriet said...

Hi Judi,

I just started my new job today and am way too tired to be funny or clever. But I had to check in on my good friend. Sending you healing energy.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Judi, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you started a blog. Your son, Vince sounds so much like my Vince!

Mari Jane & Jo Jo said...

Heya Judi,

You somehow forgot to the mention those times when you ran out of gas! Those stories and lots of other good Judi stories live on in my coktail party convo starter kit. When your ears are burning some Saturday nite, you know MJ is at another boring party and needs "a Judi" to get the party rolling. 'Banging Rice out of the drain pipe before a fancy dinner party' is another one of my favs! Never should have left Pgh. There's no one quite as fun as you here. Reading your blog really makes me homesick. Thanks for sending it my way. I can now add some up-to-the-minute Judi stories to my kit. Just in time for the holidays! Love you no matter what size your undies are. As long as they are red. MJ (and Jo)
P.S. Looks like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree either! Vinny's beer blog is fun! NExt time I'm in he burgh, we are going out with him!

Vicci said...

Girlfriend! Here I thought you sent me a cooking blog when I logged in tonight. Been in Europe for a month and just catching up now! It's 7 am in Paris now. Time for my breakfast at Ladurée not a bag of stale chips in Washington PA!
Lapband? Whoawee!
Don't have time to read it all now but will come back 2-morrow.

Let's lunch when you are up to it. I can do a liquid lunch 8-) Pedicures afterwards. Promise?
Buonanotte, Vicci

Admirer in NJ said...

Dear Judi,
You do not know me. Patty & Bob passed along your blog address to me. I don't want to just lurk without saying hi and I just had to let you know that I am head over heels in love with your blog. I was banded in May of 2006 and have done very well loosing over 150 old stubborn pounds. It has changed my life in ways I would have never dreamed. The 1st few weeks were not pleasant. I know your pain is real. My sister and I went to Mexico to have it done. She has since lost over 100 lbs too. Neither of us even thought about doing much more than managing our pain for over a month. She never worked but I ended up not returning for 6 weeks. The first few fills are rough too. I don't want to scare you here! You must not feel guilty being gentle with yourself and try to remember the rewards for your suffering. You seem like the kind of woman that can't sit down. I just want you to take time now to listen to your body and understand what it is telling you. If you ever need to talk, Bob can hook us up. I am talking to him everyday. Talking that big boy through the pain he is having too. I say take the drugs. Do not suffere needlessly.
Your blog is a great way to get through this time in your life and it is entertaining too. You, your friends, your family and everyone who posts here have no idea the changes that will happen in the months ahead for you. And if they are reading this I want them to know that this is a new and exciting beginning for you but it is not without great suffering. It will be a reward that you will work for with all of your might.
Hope you don't mind me stopping in to let you know I am a big admirer.
Good Luck my stranger-friend. Lapband love to you.
Juanita Z. (Sea Isle, NJ)

toni said... are so embarssing.

Judi said...

Toni....YOU can't spell. Now, that's embarrassing! Love you to pieces....Mommy

fourfloreys said...

Judi, this van post truly put tears in my eyes. You are so great with words... all the feeling every mother has about what she (and her car of choice) do just right there with such eloquence and emotion. I hope you are doing well -- and that the tylenol is enough!! R.