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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Savouring Sunday......

I think I am going to buy myself an eggplant.
Bread it.
Fry it.
Make some good marinara.
Put in some extra basil.
Layer it all with some excellent cheeses.
Bake it up.
Share it with the ones I love.
And a glass of wine.

The perfect way to hold on to the weekend......


~Lisa~ said...

What time shall I be there???

Gerry said...

That is one of my favs!!!!

Jody V said...

My Dearest Judi -

As I look back at all the recipes you have posted and personally sent me I have learned a lot. But one thing stands out and I have complied like a good soldier....Use only quality Romano cheese or excellent cheeses or premium cheeses. are the Recipe Diva to me!! Pull out that Tiara and wear it proud with a cute pair of shoes!! I am a loyal subject!!


Read said...

I hope there were left overs, I'll be by tomorrow!!