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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Economics of Sizes 101.

It's all about the clothes.
And the shoes.
And the everything else!

My life long occupation of losing and gaining weight is what has kept the entire fashion industry alive.
I'm 100% sure of it.
I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Please tell me I'm not the only one.
Because, honestly, those fashion designers are living a pretty cushy can't only be because of my scale dancing!
If I am the only one keeping the industry going.....please don't tell my husband.

How many wardrobes have you purchased over the years based on weight you've lost or weight you've gained? Come on, own up to it. Don't leave me out here on my own!!

I firmly believe that I have shopped through so many sizes that I could open a clothing store.
A very nice, upscale, fashionable, massive clothing store that contains every size imaginable.
Given that, I suppose I should look at all my size wrangling as an investment.
But, my mind doesn't work that way.....the economics of fashion is foreign to me.
Well, to be more precise--economics and fashion do not even go together in my head.
Much to the chagrin of my who-cares-about-fashion husband.
I just like clothes....and shoes....and belts....and accessories
I will admit that sometimes what I am wearing is the only thing that gets me up in the morning.
So, beat me.

To continue..... here I sit....on the edge of the infamous change-of-seasons-wardrobe-changeover. And, as I've confessed to you right here on my blog-- I'm wearing just a few extra pounds than the last time I wore many of my cute little Spring and Summer fashions.
This, my friends has me shaking in my shoes.
Shaking in cute shoes but shaking in shoes nonetheless.
I've pulled my Spring and Summer clothes out of their winter home, I've gazed at them, I've gently glided my hands over them but yet I have not had the courage to put them on.
Instead, I have been having irrational thoughts. Crazy, ridiculous thoughts.
My fat girl problem solving behavior has kicked in.
Yes, my friends---here I sit--with a ton of oh-so-great clothes crammed into my ginormus closet and I have been so afraid to try them on that I am reverting to the only way of dealing with my size fear that I know how---GO SHOPPING.
I's only a few pounds.
Really. Only. A. Few. Pounds.

I think it's time I put on my little-girl-pants and deal with it all..... don't you?

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Jody V said...

Lord you are not alone! Don't let them cry out your name all season! Mine are and it's killing me. Say goodbye to those pesky pounds in your little girl pants!