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Monday, May 9, 2011

Let the summer begin......

Now that my girl is home......
Let the sun begin to shine.
Make the days warm.
Give us the warm glow of summer.

Somehow Toni's move back home this year feels a little bittersweet.
No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I scrubbed her oven for almost 3 hours straight and almost passed out from the fumes of all the cleaning products we used to clean her college apartment.
Nor is it a result of having every bone in my body ache from all the packing and hauling and cleaning and then dealing with the rental management company's inspection.
Nope, it is not because I am *this* close to passing out from exhaustion.
No, those are not the reasons for what I am feeling right now.
It's because I feel time closing in on us.
When we closed the door on the cute little apartment she lived this year, an overwhelming feeling of endings flooded my heart.
I know, I know, feeling sad is not a good look for me.
I'm sure I will get over it.
Having my girl home will help with that.....


Kathy said...

How great it must be to have your daughter come back home. Mine left home when she was 18 and never moved back in again. At least you have her back each summer. Enjoy your precious gift and spend as much time as you can with her. Time goes by so quickly. It's hard to get it back once it goes by.

Sam said...

Seems like it was only yesterday you were packing her off to college with everything pink that could possibly be pink :o)