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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Over the hump......

gettin' ready to climb the mountain!

The next three days are chalk full of things to do, places to go, places to be, scheduling issues and work and more work.
But, once that's all said and will be smooth sailing.
As long as I manage to retain my sanity, maintain my strength and keep my sense of humor, I plan to kick off the smooth sailing part on Saturday night by celebrating my beautiful children at this wonderful place.
Carmen and I found the place quite by accident a few weeks back while on the hunt for an antique boutique that I had heard about.
The antique place turned out to be a dud but this little place saved the day for us.
After spending a relaxing and lovely Sunday afternoon there and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we knew it was the perfect place to honor our amazing children---one finished her second year of college and got herself a summer job in her area of study---with a paycheck to boot---and the other aced his PhD proposal---I'm *this* close to saying "my son, the doctor".
That's what I call reasons to celebrate!
This place has a gorgeous dining deck that overlooks a calm and serene lake.
Their food is extraordinary.
And, did I mention how glorious their martinis are?

So, cross your fingers friends that I get over the mountain and sail into the martini and the wonderful evening that's waiting for me.....

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