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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day rewind.....

to 1983...........
Carmen and I with his niece Rena in New Jersey.....
Memorial Day weekend 1983

I remember this trip to New Jersey so well.
Ah, the memories.
Carmen and I are now parents of adult children and Rena is now a happily married woman.
Carmen is no longer wearing a gold chain, his temples are graying and he got rid of the moustache during the Clinton Administration.
As for me...I have a better manicure, my hair has lost it's curl (no more perms!) but I'm still wearing my sunglasses on my head.

Here's the back story....
This picture surfaced in a little village in Italy and was identified by an American family member who stopped by to visit them a few weeks ago. "That's Carmen and Judi!".
Twenty eight years later-- by the power of the internet, it found it's way back to us this past Memorial Day weekend.
It's a funny thing.....the people who had this picture all these years (and never really knew who we were) have always known me as that regular looking girl from America with the poufy hair, not as that obese woman from America who ate too much pasta.

I'm sure I was wearing my beloved Levi's in this picture.
I wonder if I could have worn those same ones this Memorial Day....

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
As for us....our weekend was jam-packed from sunrise to sundown for 5 days straight.
Now, I need to rest my weary self to take on JUNE.....I'm not nearly as young as I was in the picture above. And, either is Carmen!!!

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