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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pantry Challenge.....week 2 in review.....

As much as I'd love to give you an amazing account of how week 2 of my pantry challenge went, I have to warn you.....there was nothing amazing about it.
First of all, I'm staying with my father for awhile while my sister and nephew go to Disney.
With the help of a caregiver--so I can go to work--I'm  in charge of the adventures of my darling daddy during my non working hours.  Yes, that means from sundown to sun up. 
For the most part, I am living out of my sisters' pantry....which, I might add, is nowhere near as stocked as mine.  Clearly, she didn't inherit the same food hoarding and cooking-to-excess genes that I was blessed with.
But, have no fear....I did manage to empty some of the contents of my freezer before I moved lock, stock and barrel into my sister's house. 
In preparation for my stay with my father, I did pull out a few goodies from my freezer to feed him---clam chowder, wedding soup, meatloaf and stuffed peppers.   Yes, they were all sitting in my shopping involved. 
And, upon hearing that one of my daughter's sorority sisters would be in town today, I cooked up a few more batches of soups to send back to my girl in collegeland---potato soup, more wedding soup and a tray of chicken parmesean just for good measure (and because it's her fav!).  Yes, I had all of the ingredients on shopping involved.  
I guess you can say that I am doing what I said I would do---using what I have and not shopping for anything else.  But, it hasn't allowed me to be as creative in the kitchen as I thought I would be.  I suspect that's because I had SO MUCH premade food in my freezer from my many comforting cookathons and of course, because  I'm not at home cooking daily meals.
Since I won't be home much of next week either, I might just have to extend my Pantry Challenge into March!
I really do miss grocery shopping.....


Chris said...

I was wondering why everyone at Trader Joe's was looking so sad and lonely this week :)

Jody V said...

Hang in there Judi! I would love to shop in your freezer!

Barbara said...

Your family is so blessed to have you in their lives. Love the pantry challenge but I got nuttin in mine except spices and paper plates.