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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pantry Challenge--Week 3 in Review

Here's the deal----my pantry and my fridge and my freezer are STILL  filled to the brim. 
Part of the problem is that I have not been home to do much cooking. 
The cooking I have done has been mostly pulling things I already made out of my freezer.
Thus, no creative recipes are needed.  Just thaw, heat and serve.
Not exactly what I had in mind when this whole thing started...... I really imagined myself like those cooks on TV who are given a basket of odd items to use and they compete against each other with the recipes and menus they come up with using the ingredients in their baskets.    
Now, that sounded oh so fun.....
When does the fun start????

Clearly, I picked the wrong month to declare that I am doing this challenge.
Leaving me to wonder....when would be the right month? 
My guess is that there's never a good time---it's probably something I should be doing all the time. 

Just so that you don't leave empty handed, I do have one recipe to share with you that I whipped up last weekend when I managed to break away from my dad duty for a Saturday late morning to early evening date with my husband.   We kicked off the day at a little place we had wanted to try during Mardi Gras----a New Orlean's themed restaurant in the  Market Square area of Pittsburgh---Nola.  Although we enjoyed the atmosphere, our sever was very fun and their drinks were creative (Carmen had a Mango-Jalepeno martini which he enjoyed), the food was so-so.  It was a little disappointing since this particular restaurant took the space where one of our all time favorite Market Square establishments sat for years---1902 Tavern.   We have so many special memories from that place.....
I guess we just expected too much.  
After our lunch, we ventured into another of our favorite  neighborhoods---Shadyside-- where it was too cold to stroll around Walnut Avenue.  So, I slinked into one of my shoe love places and then stopped into my newest addiction--L'Occtaine--while Carmen checked out the vodka selection at one of our hangouts from yesteryears--Cappy's.  When I was done with my excursion,  I met up with him for a quick drink.  Thankfully, that place retained all the charm we remembered so it sort of  made up for our disappointment over our lunch restaurant selection.  After we soaked in the ambiance, recalled some fun times we had there and chatted with the bartender, we made our way to another end of town to catch a movie---Argo.   We both loved it.  I highly recommend it.  We had thought we would stop somewhere for a light dinner on the way back to my sister's (where I had been staying with my dad) but I was missing the comfort of our home and so we decided to go home, light a fire, shake some martinis, whip up a light dinner and just relax......
My  Version of Caprese Flatbread
Yes, I had everything on hand to make this  very yummy treat! 

Everything below is from Trader Joe's

*1 Lavash Flatbread
*1/2 cup of basil marinara
*2 slices of fresh mozzarella (cut in half)
*Generous handful of shredded 4 Cheese Italian
*4-5 Basil leaves (torn)
Spread all ingredients on flatbread like you would assemble a pizza.  Place it on a lightly greased pan or a pizza stone and bake for about 10 minutes on 500.  Keep an eye on it..... 




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