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Monday, February 4, 2013

Have a SH*TLOAD of veggies on hand?

ConfessionIn preparation for my pantry challenge, I might have went a little overboard in the veggie shopping department.  
My only defense is that I'm learning.

Yes, I had a minor moment of panic at the market.  While the entire South Hills of Pittsburgh raided toilet paper shelves and stocked up on milk and eggs in anticipation of the promised weekend snow, I was hunkered down in the fresh produce section stocking up on every veggie I could get my hands on.
As I reflect on my frenetic excessive veggie buying, I sit here red faced.
It appears I traded my regular excessive grocery shopping for excessive produce shopping.
One more lesson learned.
Although, you over abundance of veggies is much better than an over abundance of tortilla chips...right?
Say I am right.  

Last night as the Super Bowl blarred on our ridiculously big screen TV with Carmen and his side kick--our dear nephew Jared--shouting their obvious displeasure, I  decided I needed to deal with my ginormus veggie haul.
I started out by surveying everything---hoping to get a little inspiration.
I figured out one thing very easily---one of my favorite soups--Carmelized Onion and Portabello Mushroom Soup with Goat Cheese Croutons
Yes, it's as yummy as it sounds.
I immediately got to work putting it together--all the while thinking about what else I could possibly make ahead of time so that I would not waste any of my beautiful veggies.
As my onions carmelized, I consulted one of my favorite foodie bloggers....Marie, The Proud Italian Cook and I found that she recently admitted to having a bit of the very same excessive veggie buying affliction that I suffer from.  So, she roasted them and made this recipe that looks amazing--Roast Veggie Pie in Phyllo Dough.  Yes, I had phyllo my freezer.  So, I yanked it out of the freezer and set it out on the counter and decided I would roast the veggies and then put it all together this morning when my dough had a chance to defrost....

So, excuse me as I head into my kitchen for some early Monday morning kitchen time.....

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