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Monday, September 3, 2012

Will the real Judi please sit down!

Here in Judiland, we are just coming off a little STAYCATION and kicking things in gear for a busy day of bidding farewell to summer with a pool party and picnic at my sister's. 
Yes, that means I'm in the kitchen whipping up some poolside yumminess......

Bruschetta with Shrimp, Tarragon and Arugula

Zucchini Fritters  with Pesto Aioli (mix homemade or good quality jarred pesto with olive oil mayo, add a handful of good quality parm cheese, a few squeezes of lemon juice) 


 Anyway.....back to the "Will the real Judi please sit down!" part of this posting.....I always manage to get sidetracked by food, recipes and menus....

Our little staycation was my way of soothing myself from my feelings of deprivation from not doing our usual extended Labor Day weekend to the party islands and the wineries and the romantic little inn and one of our favorite restaurants. 
I was very pouty.
To be more accurate-- I was a downright bitchy martyr  broken hearted woman.
So, I hatched a little plan to turn at least a portion of the weekend into a vacation here in  our own hometown.  With less than 48 hours to deal with, I figured out a few of our favorite in-town things to do that would sort of mimic some of what we enjoy each year on our Labor Day weekend trip.  Our first order of business was meeting up. Since Carmen was attending an executive meeting retreat out of state and would be driving into town a bit later in the evening, I picked a little brasserie that also had an impressive cocktail menu.   Since this little place is also known for it's food and atmosphere, I made reservations. I specifically asked for one of their little bottle service tables that are hidden behind the main area.  When I arrived, the place was bustling, people were waiting for tables both inside near the reception station and outside on their darling little stone patio.  Despite the crowd, the vibe was very summer kickback.  It was exactly what I was looking for.   Carmen had texted from the road that he was running a bit behind schedule but was sure he would make it in time for our 9 pm reservation.   Since I had some time to spare, I let the hostess know I was there and headed to the little indoor-outdoor bar for a drink. People were languishing at the bar, candles and torches were flickering, music was humming in the background and the bartenders were cute.   As I tucked myself into my barstool, I was happy and at peace....
As my reservation time approached, I made my way back to the hostess to see if I had time for another drink at the bar or if our table was ready.  Carmen had called to let me know he was about 15 minutes away....
ME:  "How long until the table for Judi is ready?" 
HOSTESS:  "Judi has been seated." 
ME:  "No, I am Judi."
HOSTESS:  "Oh. Judi.  Bottle service table for 2 at 9 pm.  They have been seated."
ME:  "I am Judi.  That is my reservation.  I told the hostess when I came in that I was going to the      bar. "
HOSTESS:  "I am sorry, they were right here when I called out your name and they said they were Judi"
ME:  "I am Judi.  My reservation is for 9.  It is only 8:50.  How long ago did they get seated?"
HOSTESS:  "Just a few minutes ago.  Let me see what I can do"
ME:  "Do you have another bottle service table?"
ME:  "Well, I am Judi and that is my reservation."
HOSTESS:  "Yes, let me see what I can do"
After a few moments.....
HOSTESS:  "I am so sorry, we seem to have given your table to someone who said they were Judi."
ME:  "What should I do?"
HOSTESS:  "The manager is working on it....."
A few moments later, I was led to a corner bottle service table.  As we made our way back, I spied  the manger next to another corner bottle service table with a  couple hastily  gathering their things....
Were they the Judi impersonators?
A woman carrying a Prada bag with a pair of Jimmy Choos on, wearing a size 4 LBD was impersonating me....
I guess I can't blame her. 


Chris said...

You're going to have to email me with the name of this place!

Sounds like a lovely way to bid adieu to summer....aaaahhhhh :)

Jody V said...

I would have kicked the sh*t out of them! How dare they! BUT...I'm glad you and Carmen got another table that you wanted!

Gretchen said...

I am cackling out loud at this!!! Love it!