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Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet the culprits........

 They even LOOK GUILTY! 

We had a busy, food-filled weekend here in Judiland.
As we wrap up the final days of Vince being foot loose and fancy free and living here with us, everything  has been thrust into triple high gear.
This past weekend, some friends from his undergrad days came into town and stayed with us.
Although we knew they would keep themselves busy enough with the local bar scene,  we couldn't help but throw together some major eat-a-thons.....even 20-somethings gotta eat....especially when they are consuming so much beer and watching so much football.
So, last week, I put my menu planning cap on, made several grocery runs and came up with an easy and relaxed Happy Hour for the college games on Saturday, a yummy brunch buffet for the early  Sunday NFL games, a fun-filled snack spread for the Steeler game and a comforting dinner for the later games.....
Because I found myself in the kitchen so much, I was not distracted by all of the yummy foods.
Until I started cleaning up the snack spread. 
Right there.....starring me in the face was this creamy cheddar ranch bacon dip and those olive oil potato chips.
Okay, so I was hungry.  And, they were there.....
And, I was hungry.
And, they were there.
Damn it was an amazing combination.
So amazing that I couldn't even tell you what dinner tasted like.

Hello Monday......

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FitBy40 said...

I've discovered that I can't eat kettle cooked chips. They sit in my pouch and turn into cement, then back up they come!
They are tasty though, so it's probably a good thing that I can't tolerat them!