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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Walk of Shame......

Yes, I've been on a bender.  
One that has included all night night laundry parties, lots of late, late trashy TV and overdosing on Trader Joe's Coconut cookies.
Not to mention all the other things that go into making Judiland......Judiland.  
Last we spoke, I was in the home stretch of empty nesting....getting my world ready to be rocked once again by the return of my sorority girl.
Fast forward to NOW......
My empty nesting is over!!
We are all getting adjusted.....

Here's Patty and I loading up the cars in bring our girls home.  My body never felt so sore.....

After I semi recovered from all of was time for a tidal wave of life....a little welcome home party....a little cooking, a little wine on the porch and a few of her favorite bites......
 Then, it was on to a Mothers' Day filled with more cooking and entertaining.....

And, wedged in between the moving and the unpacking and the laundry and the coconut cookies and the TV watching and the homecoming and the cooking and the cleaning and the entertaining and the partying....there was a family wedding.  
Here I am.....committing the cardinal sin of wearing the same dress as 2 other wedding goers!  Thankfully, we all considered it a fun coincidence and had a great time with it all.  Everyone asked us if we planned it!  Can you imagine?  Three women planning to wear the same dress to a wedding. 
For the record....I had this dress first.  (if you recall....I wore it to a wedding last July)

Now that I've owned up to everything that has been going on here in Judiland, I want to tell you something. 
Possibly the real reason why I've been hiding from my addition to all this other stuff..
I gained 12 pounds.
But, I refuse to walk in shame.
Now that I have confessed this fact to you---I am now free to do what needs done.
I can no longer hide.
It's time to conquer the roadblocks between me and  my Lapband! 
It's time I let my Lapband do it's job!


Chris said...

Love the dress :)

Good for you for realizing what was happening and stopping that gain in its tracks! And happy to hear that all is lovely on the home front, too!

Sarah said...

But you were wearing it the best.

FitBy40 said...

At least the dresses weren't all the same color, and YES, you wore it best.
Sorry about the gain but at least you're fully aware of it and ready to take action.
Best of luck.